YoYoFactory Grind Machine 2.0 review

Hello fellow yoyoers! I haven’t posted here in many months, and I greatly apologize for that! So I’m hoping that you’ll all forgive me and read my review even though I put yoyoing aside for about 5 months…and I am so glad to be back!

Well this is my review of the YoyoFactory Grind Machine. Formerly this was known as the “Plastic Grind Machine” But I guess they altered it in a way or 2 so that it was about 15 dollars cheaper for a stacked version.

Diameter: 2.22"
Width: 1.61"
Response System: K-Pad - Medium
Weight: 64 grams
Bearing Size: Size C
Material: Plastic!

First Throw: Holy cow…no vibe whatsoever! All I’ve ever owned before were YoyoJams, and they all had the common YoyoJam vibe and it felt great to have no vibe at all! And Also one more thing, it could handle most of my tricks even when I had not even played with it very much!

Playability: Wow…this is 3 mm skinnier than my New Breed. And I really like it! It lands on the string very well, and the hubstacks are a ton of fun because I’ve never had a yoyo with hubstacks before. Its very smooth on the string, and it floats through the air like butter ;D (good thing) Its surface is specially made for grinds, it kinda has a wierd texture to it and it grinds like a machine as the name implies. Snappy binds thanks to the K-Pad system!


-Great String Play

-Great Grinds


-Can’t thumb grind because of the hubstacks

Overall: A great yoyo for $30 and I think everyone who yoyos should get 1. I’m sure I’m going to buy another if mine wears out!

9.75 out of 10

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I liked the GM2.0 for a while until i started hating hubstacks, they were good for 10 minutes then i got board of them…Compare the GM2.0 to the older versions of the GM (metal and plastic), and id say that it lacks quality and feels cheeply made…Although, the GM2.0 is one of the better yoyos in the $30 price range. It’s an okay yoyo…IMO

BTW, get some pics up, and welcome back to the forums,
Very Good Review…


i have had a chance to try this yoyo thanks to my friend. it’s smooth. and the hubstacks are nice, but i still prefer spikes. it brought me back to the days where i thought the legacy was the best yoyo in the world. if i had to rate this yoyo, i would give it 8 out of 10. its nice.