YoyoFactory Plastic Grind Machine v2 Review

Ok, lets start off. I like this yo-yo very much, my Hub-Stacks haven’t broken in completely so I am not ready to compare to my Dark Magic. To sum things up this is a Plastic Yo-yo with Hub-Stacks and version 2, the version 1 I believe has weight rings and people say they prefer it more but I am not sure where to get V1.

Pro’s/Description. A plastic body of course, but it has a rim, specially textured so longer spin times on your skin. This yo yo also comes with Hub-Stacks, these allow you to hold the yo yo while its spinning or pull the string and while holding it, it spins. This yo yo has a gap that is very large compared to the Dark Magic so binds MIGHT be a bit slippy but it really depends on how you do your bind. For me it binds with no snags perfectly. OK ever heard of vibe? Don’t expect to have a chance of seeing vibe with your eyes with this yo-yo.((Unless you have a BAAAAAAAAD sleeper or it just falls out of your hand connected to your finger, but all yo-yos’ vibe like that.))My Dark Magic has much more vibe than this but, I’ve only been yo-yoing for what 3 months now? I don’t remember writing this but this is TRULY unresponsive do to the larger gap and response system of K-Pads.Onto the response system of K-Pads, the PGM v2 has Medium Sises K-Pads or also known as Grind Machine size or Turning Point size. The K-Pads give you truly nice binds, TINY bit slippy but no snags. The yo yo comes shipped with a polyester string, normal YYF bearing and hub stacks on the PGM v2.

Cons/Description: The PGM V2 is a great yo-yo, but here are some cons. The space for Thumb Grinding is very small due to the shape and Hub-Stacks. My thumb can barely go in the area and im like 80 pounds and only 12. The surface around the hub stacks is very easily scratch-able,the ring area. I took me nail and just moved it along the surface and It got scratched, It might be less see-able if you have a different color than white which is what I have. Also if your string is tight/loose while holding the hub stacks it can get hold of the yo-yo and suddenly twist around the hub stacks and your finger. The response system ((K-Pads)) wear out in about two weeks so its good to buy spares, 2.50 for a pair I believe. Or you may silicone wear the K-Pads sit, ((its already recessed)).

This yo-yo is truly GREAT for its price, there is a metal version which unfortunately YoYo-Expert doesn’t have, so just look on any other Yoyo Store site, but we do have the one I just did the review on and the K-Pads Medium Size ((Grind Machine size)). I give this yo-yo a 9/10!

YYF Grind Machine Stats:
Diameter: 2.22"
Width: 1.61"
Response System: K-Pad - Medium/Turning Point/Grind Machine Size
Weight: 64 grams
Bearing Size: Size C

Where to get these--------------

http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/32/YYF-Grind-MachineColors-Blue/Yellow Rings-Green/Black Rings-White/White Rings

http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/32/YYF-Grind-MachineAll K-Pad sizes


This is the metal version, its much different as you see, but the PGM V2 IS A GREAT PLAYER FOR A GREAT PRICE! GET YOURS TODAY FROM YYE!

Nice review.
But why did you put a pic of the GM2?

Nice review but your title says yoyojam pgm but it is yoyofactory’s pgm.

Fixed and bump.

hey jake
if you want to weight your pgm a lil more
get some o-rings

trust me
i was blown away
at the diffrence it made


And when ever my dad goes to Home Depot Ill go with him and get me some O-Rings


Pretty nice review you put there, It makes me want to get it ;D, but you can also get more attention when you have pictures taken at home. Great description how it plays.

Now this is the question, are you sure that K-pads were out in 2 weeks? ??? I have been using my K-pad on my Dv888 for a while (at least a month and a half)

Oh really? Oopsies, bad info. Adding Pics now.

I’ve had one of these for a while, loved it at first.
Then I moved on to metal yo-yos.
A few days ago I decided to put flowable silicone in one side (kept the origional k-pad in the other).
Plays like a DREAM.
I fell in love with it again.
Still needs a better bearing but awesome.

Yea, I totally love mine. Im going to do a review on my Dark Magic later.

i think a DM is better
the PGM2 has weight rings
The PGM1 doesnt


I thought to PGM 1 had rubber weight rings?

I liked the review. I also like the idea of the pros and cons thing you had going on. You got into a lot of detail about the yoyo and looks, vibe, plastic ect. I still think you should of talked about the playing a little bit more besides grinding but overall I thought it was a very good review

The grind machine 2 was discontinued but there is the genesis+ which is basically the same thing.

I love this yoyo. Me and my friend David always do sleep contest and most of the time I can best out his DM2!