The Grind Machine (Plastic)

The Grind Machine
The Grind Machine is my first yoyo, if you ask me about the playing experience, trust me I would say it was amazing.The Grind Machine was a long line of yoyos. From the start it was one of the first few yoyos that were made by the Project Red Alert. Today the grind machine has been turned from metal to plastic, never mind its material, the play feels like an all metal. The Grind Machine is also a pioneer. it was the first all plastic yoyo to feature YYF’s ever famous hubstacks.

The Grind Machine weighs in at only 64 grams, not too bad for an all plastic yoyo. The O-rings that came with mine really helps, when add the Grind Machine goes into the heavy weight division at 67 grams. At 67 grams the yoyo plays like a dream, long sleepers and feels solid. As I would say power at the tip of your fingers, that’s what the Grind Machine feels like to me.

Response System
The 888, the G5, the superstar, basically the all star YYF yoyo line all have the legendary 888 sized K-pad response system, now take the legend a bring it down to an all plastic level you get the Grind Machine K-pad. For each bind, the smaller K-pads work just as well a s their larger cousins, very tight, very solid. The K-pads are absolutely unresponsive during play. Best of all, the pads are slightly flushed into the side of the yoyo enabling full unresponsiveness.

When you see the 888 spinning you might notice that it spins so smoothly not a bit of vibe in it. Take the 888’s smoothness and put it into a plastic body, works like a miracle. The yoyo plays with the string well, floats during play and very solid with the throw. The stock bearing ( size C/ SPEC) stays quiet even with the strongest throws. It truly is the " dream cream".

Pretty good review you made there. It’s just my suggestions to add pictures you take at home and post it. It looks better ( Or am I talking crazy?) And add some preferences of that yoyo. Size shape etc. And write details about them how they play. Is it good for slacks suicides etc. Buut over all thats a awsome review , keep up the good work ;D

Thanks. About the pictures, I tried to paste them on but somehow it didn’t work. And the Grind Machine is really good with grinds, much better than other all plastics because of the special rim texture keeps the friction at a minimum. It’s pretty good with the slacks.

try adding it as a attachment it is on additional options, don’t paste it

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does urs have litttle cracks going from the rims to the walls to the pads. please help i am nervous if it is cracking i just got it today and have not hit it

EXCELLENT review! I loved how you described everything. I have owned one myself, but traded it. I kinda miss it haha, I may pick up another.

Oh, so thats why they call it the grind machine. Thanks.

I used to have a stackless grind machine then i lost it i totally miss it it was amazing

What size o rings fit in it

Nice review bro! I like how u compared yoyos dude. Thumbs up!

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Nice job I like it just needs pics but already mentioned so yeah9/10 on your review

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