My first YYF.


OK, I just bought a PGM-my first ever YYF. What should I expect? Greatness? Or a waste of $34.95? I will say I can expect the first-greatness. So, what should I expect?


pgm is amazing. and by the way its 29.99 not 34.99






I have only tried yyj, But yyf is sposed to be awesome!!

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You will love the PGM v2! I have one and it was one of my favorites for awhile. I wrote a review on it-,5019.0.html

Vote your love for the PGM! (My second PGM topic, sorry.)

ive got a couple of v1’s and a v2 they are all great one of the smoothest plastics ever


Love it, definitly worth the money. But, I prefer it stackless. Plays a ton smoother, and gets rid of the awful stack hiss.


I think the v2s are suppose to be a lot more stable. I’m not sure if you have the v1 or v2 though.

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I don’t like my PGM v1 because in general its too un-responsive and when I tried to silicone it it didn’t work out very well because the sili stuck to the plastic too much.


Yeah, shipping. :wink: So is mine the v1 or v2? I got it off- wait! only because I wanted green!- I got it off… (whisper)-yoyoloco. Is the one on… “there” v1 or v2? It says it is the revised version or something. Which one is it? And are both of them unresponsive?


The one at the shop you are pointing to is v2. Both of them are unresponsive. v2 Has a smaller gap, but it is still unresponsive. The v1 had a bigger gap, but binds slipped easily. Also, v2 doesn’t have customizable weight rings.


Awesome! K-pads are like silicone pads, right? And is it more unresponsive than the Speeder, or the same? Or less…? I can’t wait for it to come!!!


I’d say its more unresponsive. In my opinion, its better then the Speeder in general.

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The unstacked PGM plays great! :smiley:


WOW, that is saying a lot. It must be great. Maybe this will be my new primary yoyo! It will have to be pretty epic to top my love for the Speeder, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Samad is right. WAY better than a Speeder in my opinion. You will love it!


Is it better than any of the metals? I can’t believe how little it cost. I never had enough money just laying around for a yoyo that sounds this great! It should be here Wednesday or Thursday. Or tomorrow if I’m lucky :open_mouth: Oh yeah, another question: since the v2 has a smaller gap, will it catch and roll up on me in the middle of tricks, even though the response is flush(it is flush, right?) just because of the small gap in tricks like Buddha’s Revenge? Like I have to make the gap wider on my Speeder to do Buddha’s Revenge because if I have it small, I do 1.5 mount, toss it over my hands, and roll it along the string when I flip it onto the next string-but when I roll it, it catches and rolls up and hits my hand when I have a small gap on my Speeder. Will the PGM’s small gap do this? I don’t think I explained it very well but that’s the best I could do…


some people think its better then the metal zero


I have heard the Metal Zero isn’t the best metal out there. :stuck_out_tongue: