Velocity or Grind Machine?

I want a new yo-yo, and I was wondering should I get a Velocity or a PGM 2.0? I love the feel of the Velocity so much, but the design on the PGM 2.0 and YYF Hubstack technology are amazing. The Velocity is $20, and the PGM is $30. I want to add a new feel to my collection, so I don’t know. Any suggestions?

Personally, its all on preference. I think the new GM colors are ugly, besides green. Velocity is good too. Preferences are what to go by. PGM for me. On my preferences. :slight_smile:

EDIT: In your preference, which would you choose? I want to purchase one soon.
EDIT: Yes, I have noticed the new PGM colors are very hideous, except for green.

According to your favorites you alreafy have a PGM, but it’s all preference. Do you want a yoyo that can adjust or a 100% unresponsive yoyo?

The velocity’s gap looks narrow…

PGM has a wider width than the velocity. I’d rather choose PGM, the velocity is quite light.

stacked pgm…hubstacks!

(personal preferance, i have it and love it)

I don’t know what your level is, but if you around advanced or high intermediate, I would go with the Grind Machine. It has hubstacks, new plastic that can grind better and it doesn’t have those (in my opinion) big troublesome dials.

Thanks for all your advice. I have decided PGM 2.0 Green. Now all I need is a place to buy it. YYE went all out of stock. I checked out YoYoNation, but they were still out of stock and overpriced. I checked YoYoSam, but they just showed a picture of a frisbee. I want to know what I am getting. Any Suggestions on a store that sells a PGM 2.0 $30 in stock?

they actually have 5 green ones in.

I did not see that. THANKYOU THANKYOU. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Well actually YYN has them for the same price as YYE, so not sure what you mean by “overpriced”.

Also YYE has several in stock, but only one green one is left so you better hurry.

Thanks for your advice. I just purchased the last one they had in stock a few hours ago. I got a green one. I cant wait to get it.