PGMv2 vs Velocity vs Speed maker

Well, in SGD the PGMv2 costs 48, and velocity costs 35 and speed maker 30. so i was wondering which yoyo woukld be the best buy. im a intermediate yoyo moving on to advanced. im looking for long sleeps. i noe it depends on your throw and all but in general. pls reply asap. cuz im getting a yoyo soon. and currently i use the fast 201 in case it helps. (:

you should buy the velocity,7480.0.html i would highly recomend it.
if you like hubs, PGM is right for you. i grinds great and thats where the name come from.
hmmm speedmaker is a intermediate yoyo but it is fast. plays really FAST. watch the speedmaker vid!!!

A tie between PGM and Velocity


PGMv2 is a great yo-yo come with hubs (which is the only plastic has hubs,beside pgmv1 )

Veolocity on the other hand can turn from responsive to unresponsive and turn back to responsive

Which mean, you actually can use it from beginner to advanced and back to beginner for your freehand

If you can bind, I highly recommend the PGM2. It is an extremely good yoyo, and I would put it up there with all of my metals.

ok. well right now i dun rly want a responsive yoyo cuz when im halfway doing a trick my fast 201 pops back into my hand, which is rly fustrating. So comparing the sleep times for all three yoyos, which is the best? in general at least.

i HATE my pgm v2 IMO, but the velocity seems good. and get it at yye cause its like $10 cheaper :stuck_out_tongue:

yea. i tried friends’ pgmv2. i didn’t really like it. so i got the velocity v2. its really smooth! and much lighter than pgmv2. so the speed of which i do my tricks seem to be faster. =) thanks everyone!!! but i still want to know. between velocity and speed maker. Which is better?

they are both fast