which yoyo

Erm, i am not a very good yoyo player. and you wont imagine it but im still using the fast 201 which is precisely why i am getting a new yoyo. i don’t mind the color and size. i need something that can get me through the intermediate and advanced part 1 string tricks. my yoyo sorts of dies in the middle of zipper and split the atom. i don’t mind the price but don’t think i’ll get a yoyo over 70. any suggestions?

Hi there fellow singaporean :wink: u said $70, do you mean USD$70 or SGD$70?

Get one of these:

hi, erm USD. i was thinking the velocity too. but wasn’t too sure… i think i’ll heed the advice. but i definitely welcome any other suggestions.

Yeah, get the Velocity.

If you know how to bind go for Legacy
If you want try hub -> PGMv2
If you want responsive yo-yo -> Velocity , FHZ

a PGMv2 is???

isit the grind machine??

oh. my friend is also getting a yoyo. he is looking for a counterweight yoyo. i think he is gonna get the FHZ. do you think it is the right choice?

For sure, I love my FHZ good start for 1a or 5a. PGMv2 is a Hubstacked Plastic Grind Machine (the ones sold on this site)

FHZ and PGMv2 is good for 5a

PGMv2 require bind thou

I never tried PGMv2 for 5a, sounds like its good but ya it does require a bind.

Don’t get a FHZ for a first decent yoyo. It has pads and they will wear out quickly. Get a velocity.
The adjustable dials help you grow with this yoyo. You can make it tug responsive all the way to dead unresponsive just by turning those dials. Its the perfect first good yoyo for anyone! I’ve had 5.

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ok. thnx. and do you think i should get a looping yoyo? or just focus on my string tricks?

Personally I like looping but think it’s hard. I’d rather practice my 1a and get real good with it instead of practice something I suck at. Just my opinion.

That’s totally up to you. I personally think string tricks are way cooler but some people really like looping.

If you do want one, I’d recommend a ProYo by Duncan. It will do what you need it to as a beginner(you don’t want to make a large investment on a yoyo you might not end up using).

Along with your velocity, you’ll definitely need some strings!

ohok. what did you mean by your last sentence “Along with your velocity, you will definitely need some strings!” LOL. are u asking me to get yoyo strings?? ???

For looping yo-yo …you can get duncan speed beetle or duncan pulse …you may also get loop720 …and then raider/raider ex (note that loop720 and raider require high maintanence and doesnt suit for beginner)

YYJ NXG/Speed Beetle/ Pulse would be good for beginner

ok. thnx. so i was sorta perfecting my bind and now i can bind 7/10 times. so PGMv2 or Velocity? well i have to be honest. the hubstacks ARE TEMPTING! haha. in terms of sleep times which is better? i do know that it depends on your throw and what not. but in general, which yoyo can sleep longer??

Does a wooden fixed axle affect looping?


After you yoyo a lot and get better. You use more and more strings. Once you get a knot you’ll want to replace your string because it will mess up your tricks.