im a newb wat would be the perfect yo yo for me

All I have is one of those cheap dollar store yo yo’s and I know I need something better.
I am probably going to be doing more string tricks with it if that helps.
I’d like to stay below $40.
What is the perfect yo yo for me :slight_smile:

You want the YoYoFactory Velocity.
Here is the link :
and here is a link to a review I did on it :

Have fun

2nded, and move to close nominations.

velocity, kickside, journy, lyn fury, speed maker,velocity and almost any plastic duncan on this sight.

If you get one of the yoyos Mr. Yo said when you move to the next level will want to get another better yoyo. Its better that you get a good yoyo first like a pgm or a yyj bimetal for these yoyos you just need to bind, binding is easy. PGM and bimetals are very good. Don´t get velo, I´ve seen many review were people say that their responce shuttle or can´t stay tuned.

first of all, it’s “DR.” he didn’t go to four years of yo-yo medical school (not counting residency) to get called “MR.” by you.

2nd, the idea that you’ll want to get a better yo-yo right away only really applies to people who value stuff over skills (which, i’ll grant you, does describe some people - but i don’t make recommendations based on them). the velocity is extremely versatile and inexpensive, and someone who would quickly turn around and want something fancier would almost certainly feel just the same way if they started off with a pgm or metal-rimmed yyj. i’ve played a LOT of yo-yo’s, and though there’s others i do prefer, i’d be perfectly content with my red velocity in my pocket until it came apart.

to reiterate, in all my years of playing yo-yo and in the time i spent recommending them to kids i taught in school, i’ve never seen a better yo-yo to start with than the velocity. that said, it’s always best to pick what you think you’ll PLAY.

Thank you all it without a doubt I need a velocity :slight_smile:

you’ll love it it got me to the master’s section here at YYE.
I’ve had it for 3 months and it continues to gte farther in yoyoing.  Only in Christmas will I get another yoyo.The Velocity is versatile and inexpensive.
Dr.yoyo’s review is amazing but if you want to, I also wrote a quick review:,6207.msg70884/topicseen.html#msg70884

His username is ¨Mr. Yo¨

hahaha my bad.
only noticed dryoyo! carry on!