pgm 2.0

hey i’ve been saving up some cash for a yoyo and im thinking about getting the pgm 2.0 shoul i or is there a better yoyo for 29.99. ???

It all depends on you. I would prefer a Legacy, but many would prefer a PGM. Tel us more about what you like in a yoyo.

What do you prefer? I heard the PGM is very smooth and the hubstacks are a fun addition. It a great yoyo to use as a first huubstack yoyo because it’s cheap and is a great player. The Legacy is also a good choice but it’s all up to you.

well i havent tryed the h shape but i hear its awsome
i like medium and large yoyos
color really doesnt matter much(altough a cool color would be awsome)
i do alot of string tricks
did i miss any thing

It isn’t an H-shape.

I have a PGM without stacks(not available anymore :frowning: and I love it!!!
I am getting a 2.0 for my bro soon too.

so would you recomend i get one

Well if you can bind,I think it would be a great choice.

I’m getting one soon to. I’m sure it will be a great yoyo because it is getting some awesome reviews. I’ve gotten and played with a legacy but I thank they are too unresponsive for my liking. I love YYJ yo-yos but sorry the Legacy isn’t for me. And that why I gave it to Ronnie5. I would get the PGM. Later.

Keep it spinning™

I have a PGM 2.0 and a legacy and they are both about even. the PGM has hubstacks (my first stacked yoyo) and AMAZING grinds. But the Legacy is heavier, and I like the weight of this one more. The Legacy feels a little more solid (in my opinion). They’re both great yoyos, and either one is a great choice! ;D