hubstacks for dummies....

I don’t own any hubstack throws - I’ve been curious, but otherwise haven’t looked into it… my son thinks we should get a PGM - thoughts? Or is there something I’m not looking at that I should? Not looking to spend a ton, but at the same time I don’t want to grab a $30 throw and later find I should have spent a little more… (or as the case generally is; end up buying both and shelving the cheaper one)

Speaking of the PGM - how’s the plastic feel on it? Anyone notice a difference between the Neon plastic and the normal?

You can get a stackless one now for 12$…

I haven’t played a PGM, but I know hubstacks aren’t as great as people make them out to be. There’s like 4 things you can do; pull starts, toss and catch with them, balancing it on one finger, and redirecting the yoyo direction (aka sidestyle to frontstyle). After a while, hubstacks get old. That’s what happened to me. I loved my 888x for around a month during that time period. I read somewhere that after a few weeks hubstacks start to get boring. At the end of January, (I got it for Christmas) I stopped using the 888x as my main throw.

All and all, hubstacks can be fun from time to time, but don’t really do anything. That doesn’t mean I don’t recommend having a stacked throw, it’s good to have something different. Also, if you don’t want to have to buy a stacked yoyo, you could always get a hubstack kit for a FHZ (Assuming you have a FHZ).

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When I was around a few years ago alot people said they enjoyed the PGM but that may of been the honeymoon phase as somepeople refer to it as. I don’t have any hubstacked throws, I’d like some but only really if I have the money and don’t have my eye on anything else, for example right now I would likely get 4a throw before a hubstacked one (unless I get a DNA).

Hubstacks get old after like 10 minutes. But the PGM is a good throw in it’s own right. If you like that shape, I would get the Glow Dienasty. Same shape, but has a more solid feel and is all in all wonderful.

But yeah, I would say don’t waste your money on a throw just for hubstacks.

The plastic on the PGM feels great. In my opinion it lives up to the name of being a grind machine. But here I go again on a tangent to say that the Die Nasty has the same plastic. Haha. Almost feels like a beadblasted plastic. Not saying that is what it is, but it has that type of feel to it.

you can do some fun binds and tricks with hubstacks, but as everyone else has said, they get old fast.
if you wanna try them out though, a pgm is probably a good yoyo to go with.
or maybe a werrd throw with the posts. That way you can add hubstacks if you’d like, and if you don’t want to, you still have a great yoyo.

If you want to start with stacks, the PGM is the best way to go because it’s complete in the box and all you need is someone to use it in order to get started. To the best of my knowledge, without leaving the country(figuratively speaking), this is the cheapest way to get into stacks. That’s why I bought one, inexpensive entry into stacks. I really only use it for 1A. I can pull start it but I can’t grab the stacks very well once it’s in motion.

DO NOT get the stackless Grind Machine with the objective to update it later. It’s cheaper to go with the regular PGM.

IGNORE the people who say that stacks get old after a while. People are different. I see a lot of potential in stacks and am glad I have the PGM and a Momentum(which has wider stacks). But, it does come down to preferences. Also, I have some YYF’s in my wants list that are metals and 3 of the 4 are stacked.

Feel? I like how the PGM feels. That plastic is very solid feeling. I don’t have a Neon PGM so I can’t compare. It feels similar to my glowing DieNasty including the surface texture, but they do us different molds. I will say the plastic on my Northstar vs. my Protostar feels the same, but keep in mind those are smooth. Then Northstar uses a solid colored plastic and the Protostar is translucent(you can see though it).

When you start getting into master level tricks, you’ll realize stacks don’t do much.

pgm is nice…not sure 'bout the comparison. i’ve only owned solid white ones.

for hubstack play, it’ll do the job. the hubstacks are functional and built well ‘nough not to ‘drag’ the yo yo down durin’ play. my hubstacks are not vibeless durin’ play - but they don’t hinder what i’m tryin’ to do :slight_smile:

2 cons for me, when it comes to the pgm for hubstack play. it’s plastic - it plays like a plastic. i prefer more of a solid foundation in my play. i don’t think it would accept z stacks. the rubber weight rings are too small in diameter - to accept z stacks. i think.



I have a Neon PGM and as far as I’ve read, the texture is the same as the regular PGM, which makes it great for grinds (surprise!) :D. It is an excellent throw in its own right that the hubstacks are a cool bonus. If you want to try hubstacks, the PGM is the way to go. Really, I don’t use the hubstacks but they are fun.

If you are worried about dropping $30, keep an eye on the BST threads and get one for a lot less.

Stacks are great for “playing outside the box” type stuff. It’s always good to have options.


if you watch some of steve brown’s 365 tricks he does some pretty cool stuff with hubstacks.
and it’s really personal preference on whether or not you get bored of hubstacks or not. a majority of people seem to, but that’s not to say everyone is going to.

I would totally suggest getting a G5 instead of the Plastic Grind Machine.

Give me a message, or look on the B/S/T for a used G5.

As for the PGM, I think the sticker grooves are too deep, and you can’t really get a good throw because the string does not grip enough.  You can get a faster spin out of something with a tighter gap.

Personally, I like the G5.  Yes, it’s pricy.  But you get a gap that can grip the string hard enough (but not be too respquonsev*), a narrow profile that fits to the hand as you grab for the stacks, the Z stacks that are gripped easier, and a great 1A yo-yo if and when you decide to take the stacks off.

But I’m biased. (wait until 2:00 or so)
And also:

  • “resqpuonsev” is my satire about the “forum kidz” that want a super-unresonsive yo-yo, no matter the situation, and still want to do cliche tricks like thumb grinds.