PGM and offstring help.

can you still stack a plastic grind machine that is the non hubstacked version? If so, what hubstacks do you recommend. And the ones on yoyonation, under G5 and 888 parts, will they still work on a grind machine. Also, out of the Big Yo, Aquarius, Big Ben, Habayusa, Flying Panda, Xodus II, and Throw monkey, which do you recommend for offstring?

Okay–For the stackless version cant take hubstacks I think. I’m not sure though, but if you look at it, you can see it doesnt have a bearing and stuff, but if you want to try, you have to buy the FH0 hubstack upgrade kit, then try to use it. But if you buy a stackless and a kit, it will cost the same as a stakced, so its not worth it.

Also, try using the search bar next time. Earlier today, there was a post about this.

For the offstring, I would go with a Hyubasa or Aquarius.

thanks samad but r u sure hubuysa would be a good beginner offstring yoyo and could i just stack a freehand zero

Yeah, now that I think about it, I’m not sure if the FHZ hubstack kit will work. If the axle on the PGM is the same size, then I think it should work (you’ll need to get hustacks separately). Otherwise, I don’t think you’ll have much luck hubstacking it unless you happen to have parts of a stacked PGM, which I don’t think you would.

And for the Offstring yo-yos, I agree with Samad.

The Stackless PGM WILL NOT take hubstacks. It says on YYN website.


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