PGM Mods???

I’m getting a PGM and is there any mods I can do to it? Can I silicone it? If so what type of silicone should I use? What does satined mean? Can I do it to a PGM? Is using G-string okay? Is there any other mods I can do to it? Can I put shims on it will that help? If I mod this yoyo it will be my first really good yoyo and also modded one too.


To be honest, you don’t really need to mod the PGM. The silicone k-pads provide excellent unresponsive play and the included weight rings allow you to customize the weight. The pads do eventually wear down, and I guess you could put a flowable silicone response system there if you wanted, but I just bought more k-pads (they are cheap). The thumb grind lips make it easy to hook the yoyo in for thumb grinding but the weight rings sort of get in the way if you have them in. I have had mine for about 2 months now and I have not modded it at all. Not sure if shims will work in these yoyo’s but I might try after I get done writing this post. G string should be fine as long as it’s the proper type for whatever style you are playing. 100% polyester type 6 seems to work best with this yoyo. The PGM is a superb yoyo that plays perfectly right out of the package. If you got the stacked version (mine is unstacked), then you should be really pleased with the way this yoyo plays. You will really love this yoyo! Enjoy!

What does it mean if it is stacked or not?

Stacked means it has hubstacks and unstacked means that it doesn’t have hubstacks.

If i get one with no hubstacks can i put hubstacks on it?

you have to buy them seperately

So i can put hubstacks on it?


You’ll also need a different axle for a hubstacked yo-yo, I believe.

I suggest checking out the FHZ hubstack kit and a G5/888 replacement hubstack kit.
Actually, if you want hubstacks, just go with the hubstacked version. It’ll be about the same price anyways if you pay for the extra hubstack kit and everything.

a g5 axle?

You replied as I was editing, so yeah…

Okay! But why is the PGM here 40 something when you can just get a PGM at YYN for 20? Why is the price difference so large? I’ll just wait for YYN to get them back in stock(which I hope will be soon)

They are sold for the same price at YYN. It says $20 because that’s for a stackless one. if you see in the drop down menu, the first choice is stackless, which is why the default price that it says is one for a stackless one. You can’t see the price for a hubstacked one since it is out of stock.

That explains so much…

Doesn’t it? They make it too confusing, because they put “Stacked” in the title and the price is of a stackless one.

I know right :smiley:

Oh my gopsh, your new icon is sweet!!!

I’m getting a PGM today and it is Stacked! Is there anything that comes with it cuz it is my first time purchasing from here?

They should also come with four weight rings.

For a better understanding of what you are going to get, you can watch this video if you want:

Thanks. :smiley:

Yes–I agree about everything Kim-Lan said. Just go with Stacked, because I’m not even sure if you can even put stacks on a stackless one. I’ve only played a stacked one, and let me tell you, you will love it!!!

Also, G-String would probably be the best string ever to use  :wink: It feels like cotton, but is actually polyester, and lasts for such a long time. I suggest getting Intentus G-String. Just look here, and figure out which is for you: