PGM Green


Im looking for a pgm in green

does anybody know when they are comin back?
if they are that is

i would like to get one, but if green, what colour string should i get? i think probably pink.

and is the gap wide enough considering its fixed?

and i was looking at that new yyf pack with the zstacks and stuff if you know what im talking about.

should i get any of that? because i could get the yoyo, string, prob thin oil and some of that stuff(or all of it if necesarry)

please reply answering the above Q’s.


(Shisaki) #2

IDK when they are coming back

I recommend green string

No need for z stacks

(Jesse) #3


Wide gaps have nothing to do with being fixed, unless its a 5 mm gap. If its fixed, it means you cant adjust it, so you can’t unscrew it a bit to make it less responsive. If you do, it will unscrew while spinning.

And yes, its fixed.

Yes, you should get thin lube and string, but thats really all you need. The string color is all a matter of preference, but a bright color is good, so pink is good. White and yellow are too.


But u know the pack called yyf hub stack technology???

do i need any of that? and it might not be needed but would it be funner or better or a luxury??

and do i need a better bearing?


And PS

i sent yye a comment

thanks for that advice now ill wait lol

please answer the above Q’s


You won’t need a stack kit. The PGM comes with stacks.


So I Tried To Talk To YYE But I Dont Think It Worked

Can Someone Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease Ask YYE When They Next Get In A Green PGM.

Or At Least Tell Me How lol


(PS Please) :slight_smile:

(JonasK) #9

They will restock here when YYF makes them and ships them to YYE. You just have to wait for it.


PGM is great. I have just v1 without stacks but it rulez. Gap is wide enough for anything. Get many yellow or pink strings (best collours). Thats all, you dont need thin lube, sewing machine oil works the same and it should be cheaper. Also you can wait for one of those new plastics that yyf will relase: Die Nasty, Counter Attack, Pocket change.


[edited- Another Store] has them in stock right now.

(dryoyo says - man who links to competition, never finds completion)


Yeah but what store???

what link is the store thats stocked?


Eh, search around. You can find it.


can you please somehow tell me the store name, pleaseeeeeeeeee

(JonasK) #15

You can either look around at other stores, wait or just buy a white or blue one. It’s not a big matter.

Addment: You can do sick dye jobs on a white one.


but how do u dye it?

withous stuffin it