grind machine vs legacy


which yoyo you think is better grind machine or legacy

(jared) #2

i personaly like the pmg but alot of people like the leagcy too.


No yoyo is better than the other but I would say PGM. Amazing price + Amazing performance. Also Die nasty will be like PGM but without hubstacks and for only about 15!


These are two totally different yoyo’s so…

I do like the Legacy better BUT the PGM is amazing too!

(Runez4lyf) #5

I agree, the PGM is definatly better value for money and the hubstacks open up another style of play completely.

PGM definatly for me, but others may feel different…




PGM is significantly lighter than the Legacy though… Both are awesome, but if you want a lighter yoyo you should get the PGM. I like the Legacy, but the PGM wins me over with its lightness.


IMO, the Legacy kills the PGM.

But only in my opinion.

(Mitch Ginder) #9

PGM > legacy


Simple, do you want a heavy yoyo or a light yoyo.


To anyone who has only tried the Stacked PGM


I would probably agree that the Legacy is better than the Stacked PGM, but the Unstacked PGM is my favorite throw at the moment.



(SR) #13

I haven’t tried a Legacy, so PGM v2 for me. Others may feel different.


Agreed 110%.


What really turns me off with the PGM is the shape. It looks like a big, spinning square. Especially with the hubstacks, it just looks absolutely unappealing in my opinion.



Trust me, if you play with one you’ll love it :slight_smile:


I actually thought the same thing the first time I saw it. Then I got one. and then another. Great yoyo’s.


I prefer the PGM with Weight rings. Imo, the PGM feels solid, while the Legacy has a hollow feeling, not exactly, but an indescribabal feeling that I don’t like when its on the string.


Oh boy! The never-ending battle between the PGM, and the Legacy.

Preference. I like the Legacy better.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #20

PGM without stacks and weight rings = AWESOME 5A