i like the DARK MAGIC better

It’s all preference, I have all of those and I prefer the PGM way more.

I like the Legacy the best.

I only have the DM and the Legacy… I prefer the DM just because its a tad easier to thumb grind… If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t be able to choose between them

I chose pgm.

PGM ftw!!!

The new PGM is AMAZING. It binds better than the Legacy, weighs less than the Legacy and Dark Magic, stacked version is cheaper, as unresponsive as the Legacy, if not less responsive, and to top it off hubs are fun lol.

I have all three and i would say…Stock: Pgm, legacy, dm Modded: DM, PGM, Legacy

I also have all three, and I prefer the DM overall, but they are all great.
Pros and Cons
DM- thumb grinds ;D
Legacy- silicone response ;D
PGM- Grinds, Hubstacks ;D

40$ DM- Price :frowning:
22$ Legacy- Bearing is really bad (can be cleaned) :frowning:
30$ PGM- Injection molding marks :frowning:

Think about those factors…
Titanium221 8)

DM all the way!