Legacy vs PGM

So I’m thinkin of getting a new plastic soon and I’m looking most at the legacy and the PGM. Which do you think is better? I’m an intermediate player I guess. Using the YYE levels of tricks I can do ‘advanced’ tricks and starting on some ‘expert’ tricks.

I’ve also been thinking of trying out hubstacks, but don’t want to get an 888x or a 44 Special. Hubstacks are not necessary though, just a bonus.

What I want is a good yoyo to add to my collection to use when I don’t want to use my metals, or one to bring wherever I go, including work, where I might let some one use it.

I suggest reading [this].

I have both and prefer the PGM by far

I would say it depends
Same shape as dark magic
Does well with arm grinds
Has mirror caps(does fade)
Is heavy
nice feel in the hand

Plastic Grind Machine:
Is heavy but plays light
It has hubstacks
Made for grinds
Feels a little awkward at first but then you adjust to it

There both good choices and there both durable. Legacy cost less and PGM has hubstacks which you can take off. Your choice… I can make a video if you’d like.