a good plastic yoyo

ok i want to buy a good plastic yoyo but im not sure which one is good cause i only tried a DM and HM.so in your guys opinion which plastic yoyo do you think is the best?

Well my opinion is probably a YoYoJam Legacy, or a YoYoFactory PGM


I’m going with Mike.  The Legacy is amazing for a plastic Yo-Yo.  It has really long spin time, good for string tricks.  I would get it if i were you.  Here’s a video of Samad using his Legacy. Go Samad!



ok but ill wait for more post

There are much more then those two, but I will recommend them.

YoYoJam Legacy
YoYoFactory Plastic Grind Machine
Death by YoYo Gung Fu, 1st and 2nd generation
Born Crucial Milk
Born Crucial Silk

Those are most of which I can think of.


I will recommend PGM or Legacy cause they are really cheap and good. I have got nonstacked PGM it has very good spin times it feels good in hand too. I dont have legacy but once i will get one.
PS: Sorry about bad english :slight_smile:

i feel that the pgm if you have to sweaty of hands is comleate crap unless you wear some gloves but i roll a legacy and it works out REALLY well im getting an m1 soon but untill than this is a great yoyo for grinds and whatnot i highly recoment getting kk with it and taking the rims off

i have a legacy and a dm. i like the large gap size of the legacy but in my opinion the dark magic has the better feel. i also modded my dm with flowable silicone. with the gap at its widest and the flowable silicone in the dm i have to say i like it better. it is more stable to me. i would say get either one but you could save 15 dollars by getting the legacy.

The Legacy and PGM are both really nice. It depends if you want hubstacks and z-stacks, or if you don’t care. If you don’t care, I would get a Legacy. They sleep for very long times, and the plastic feels great in your hand. If you want hubstacks, I would get the stacked PGM. It costs $10 more, but it gets you a lot of extra goodies. Some people will say that the celcon on the PGM feels nasty. I disagree, they are both great yoyos.

i personally recommend the legacy because if you are willing to spend $40 for a pgm you are better off getting a hitman for sure

The Silk is actually by Alchemy, and I would NOT get one of those.
I have one and it vibes like crazy, and even my friend’s has the teeniest
bit of vibe. I’d get a legacy, a PGM, a Lyn Fury, or a Kickside.

Before I say any suggestions, what type of play are you looking for? It all comes down to you. Speed Maker is great for string tricks because of its wide gap. Legacy is also a fine yoyo. I believe it is a little heavier making it better for unresponsive. But its all up to you.

ummm a nice yoyo that has almost the same shape as 888,not that heavy(Dm is kinda heavy for me)and feels comfortable in the hand of a 11 year old boy

im 11 years old and I love my pgm

How about the Speed Maker? If you like speed then you can get this. It is a pretty comfortable yoyo and I believe a little lighter than a legacy. But, it is afterall, your choice.

Well if you think about it its the thrower that is good so Samad is good but that doesn’t mean the yoyo is. :-X

man i still confused what to buy

I would get the Legacy. I see you like Dark Magics. The Legacy is based off of the Dark Magic and it has a hybrid response. So if you like hybrids, this one is the way to go.

Actually, the Legacy does not have Hybrid response. It is recessed silicone.

Oh yeah! Duh! Im so silly.