Just some general questions.

I really like my Plastic Grind Machine but I noticed that it has a couple of chips in it already… Am I not being careful enough? If I were to upgrade to a metal would damage of this caliber be more detrimental?

I’m looking into buying a metal yoyo and I’m not sure what I should get. I have a Yomega Raider and a PGM as my mains and I really like the shape of both of them. Would a G5 or an 888 be more up my alley?

Chipping, scratching, denting, etc. is perfectly fine for a yoyo. Some people actually prefer a yoyo that has damage on it calling them “love marks”. I think if you consistently worry about damaging a yoyo you’ll never really unlock its full potential since you won’t do anything risking the yoyo. On a metal there is the chance the color (annodization) might come off but like I said it’s perfectly fine.

About the yoyo recommendation…the raider is a looping yoyo so you won’t really find a lot of metals that are its shape. A 888 would be fine if you like the shape of a PGM but do know that the 888 is smaller in diameter. One question to ask yourself, do you think you need on now? What skill level are you in? I recommend getting a metal anywhere from advanced 2 and up but its all your choice. These aren’t necessarily guidelines.

I’m intermediate right now, I know a few advanced techniques (I can do a whip not from YoYoexpert and I can grind a little bit). See the thing is when I make my YoYo orders I need to order everything at once because the shipping is so expensive to bring it up here to Canada. So if I’m going to eventually get an 888 in the next month or so I’m thinking I mine as well just order it now along with my response system for PGM, String and some t-shirts. Even if I just hold it off for a little bit, it’s better to get it now then have to spend another 20$ on shipping and wait more…

Anything else I should probably get on my order other than lube, strings, response stickers? Obviously I’m getting the Yoyo and the t-shirts but I want to make sure I don’t forget anything I might need to order later…


Thanks for replying btw.

in my opinion, intermediate is a little early to get a metal yoyo. I didn’t get mine until i was almost through advanced 2.

btw, Dv888 is my recommendation. It’s undersized (which I LOVE in a yoyo), has nice rims for thumb grinds, and is a great player for a fairly cheap price. I havn’t owned an 888 myself, but i cant imagine it playing any better than the Dv888.

Is a PGM an undersized…? ???

Also, I am constantly learning new tricks, I’m talking about buying this 888 in like maybe 2 weeks? So 2 weeks until I buy it and then I have to wait for shipping… So it’s like a month to get it, by then I’m gonna bet that I’m into the advanced section. Also, the price difference between the dv888 and the 888 isn’t that big of a deal to me. Not to sound pompous, but I work full time until I go to school next year so I have quite a bit of “pocket change”.

Getting it in 2 weeks is fine. The PGM isn’t undersized but the DV888 isn’t for you since it is a complete different shape. Do you like undersized, normal sized, or large sized? If you’re looking at undersized the 888 is PERFECT. Normal sized I recommend maybe a dark magic (its part metal part plastic). For large sized maybe a josy-ann is you can find one. Or a liopleurodon. I recommend getting lots of YYN highlights, they are over all pretty good and cheap but don’t last a long time. If you want some high quality stuff get G-string. Here’s the website:


The string is amazing stuff, it’s what I use. The intentus is really good for fast string play, SSE is good for slacks, suicides, and string play, CC is overall amazing, SC is like CC but cheaper and just as good, BnC I didn’t like, it doesn’t have the new string bounce, it has the new string feel, and PX IMO is great for 4A. It’s on the expensive side but one string has lasted me 2 months. Also Paul (the maker) lives in canada so shipping is cheaper (it’s only about $3.50 to ship to the US). You should get thin lube. I haven’t used a quarter of it and I’ve had it for almost a year. For response, get lots of response pads if you don’t want to consistently order from YYE. A alternative is to buy a tube of RTV or Flowable silicone and just use that instead but I have had no luck with silicone staying inside a 888 sized response gap. For some reason it kept on getting shredded. I would get a couple of white or yellow 888 sized K-pads (no difference other than color) if you’re getting a 888. Hope I helped!

The pgm is full sized. Also I think that the 888x is a fine yoyo and you would be able to use it now since you can bind. If I were you though, I would get a cheaper yoyo like the boss because I’m not a fan of the hubstacks and get protostar. Lube and string is all you really need, so you should be set.

Oh yea, that reminds me. The BOSS is by far THE BEST undersized yoyo I have ever used. And it is (or actually used to be) much cheaper than a 888. And if you don’t like hubstacks couldn’t you just take them off?

I don’t actually mind hubstacks, is there some thing that happens later on that makes them suck? Like do they start spinning slower? The only thing I’ve noticed is that with hubstacks it makes the yoyo a lot more noisy.

What about other high quality yoyofactory products? Do they make any metals in the same shape as the Plastic Grind Machine? I’ve also never tried an undersized yo, I wouldn’t be able to tell if I would like it or not… Don’t think there are any real yoyo stores in town anyways and I’m the only person I know that yoyos locally.

since you are considering an 888, have you considered the duncan mayhem (similar in many respects) or any hspin yoyos? i have a cut, i love it. its small but not too small, just like the 888, and plays wonderfully, just like the 888.
anyway, you wont be disappointed with any of the options i have seen so far

Chaotic i think has a fairly simular shape to a PGM. you may not mind hubstacks but basically an 888 isn’t worth it if you have a PGM. Hubstacks reduce spin time. get a good full metal that is on the slightly smaller side with a simular shape to the PGM. Chaotic is my bet for you but you might want to try new things. in that case, i would get an XconVict or an M1 or Dv888. you may have extra money, but still saving $25 for something very simular.

plus if shipping costs so much, look into CLYW yoyos on the CLYW sight. they are based in CANADA

I don’t mind the shipping for the order, it’s just that I would rather get all of it done at once instead of doing like 3 seperate ships of 20$ bucks a pop on the shipping.

I don’t want to sound like a snob but I kinda wanna buy another YoYoFactory, I’m so far really digging their companies vibe and products. I’m open to other opinions but I tend to have brand loyalty… I’ve been considering the 888 just because of what I have heard so far.

Hubstacks reduce spintime? By how much…? >_>; Also are their any metal YoYoFactories that are similar to the shape and size of the PGM? Like the 888 looks to be similar just a little bit smaller…

Oh and Mr.Yo, I need to order more than just the yoyo, that’s why I’m doing it all at once. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for letting me know CYLW is based in Canada, it’s nice to see that there is actually a YoYo Company situated up north here.

i don’t know how much exactly the spin is reduced but i do know that yoyos that have more rim weight tend to spin longer. what (in my mind, yet i may be wrong) this means is that the more weight on the yoyo that is on the rims, the longer the spin, and i think it means proportionatly to the rest of the yoyo.

888 gets a lot of good revues but i felt that it was a little slow on the string. chaotic fits the shape of a grind machine very well. i just looked under shop and i couldn’t find it for some reason, but i know you could get to it under the home page.

try not to get all caught up in yyf. don’t get me wrong, they make awesome yoyos, but other smaller companies make great yoyos too and some you get much more bang for your buck. the way i see it, most people go through phases of yoyoing. beginners usually get yyf yyj duncan and some of those companies. intermediats usually a float around yyj and yyf, and advanced people generally use yyf fundametals or high end yyf’s. then the experts start to try other companies. there isn’t anything wrong with this, nor is it always true, but it is just that most yoyoers who haven’t been to a competition who use yye only know of the companies on this sight. that is what happened to me.

Hubstacks don’t affect spin time significantly…as long as you get the trick done it’s fine. BTW, MaxL, you aren’t like most new people on the forum IMO. You actually use correct grammar and pretty nice as far as I can tell. Just putting that in :).

Anywhoozle…I am pretty sure SPYY and CLYW are based in Canada and make some of the best metal yoyos. The woolly marmot is my 2nd favorite metal out there, the shape is rounded which I prefer and it is undersized. On that note do you have small or large hands? If you have small hands you might like undersized better. If you;re looking at undersized get a 888 or woolly marmot. If you’re looking at full sized get a Josy-Ann or Liopleurodon.

Thanks for the love. I’m not the general new yoyoer (which in my mind is probably under 15).

I’ve always been for having communities around things and I’m happy with this one. I’ve found before that other Yoyo communities can be kind of harsh, especially when I was starting out. It turned me off of yoyoing for a while (that’s when I started picking up AJs and met a lot of people through that) then one of my AJ friends (CizreK) recently did a yoyo vid and made me want to pick up my old yoyo. I started playing again I was like “Dang, I really need something more unresponsive.” So I got a Grind Machine and now I’m totally back into it. But yeah, I’m thinking about going 888, I also saw on CLYW’s website they had a NES styled YoYo? That stuff looks sick.

I know this sounds cheesy but what about engraving metal yoyos…? I’ve heard of some companies doing it for you but what about using a regular engraver on a metal yoyo? Will that effect play at all or destroy the yoyo? I was kinda just thinking of putting a small symbol I like to use often on my yoyo, just to be cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

It shouldn’t affect the yoyo in any way. As far as I know Foxland Percision Yoyos will engrave any yoyo you buy from them for $13 I think. Or you could go to this website:


and get it custom anodized and tatooed (basically looks engraved) for $35-$40.


That looks really slick. I especially like the Sonic and Knuckles YoYos he did (Nostaliga~~). I might consider that, I was thinking of just taking it to an engraver and getting my little X done on one side.