Plastic suggestions...

Hey all!
Looking into getting a plastic yo. I already own a DM but don’t want to trash it when I throw at work.
Any suggestions?

Are you looking for a plastic that you want to use for 1A (string tricks) or 2A (looping)?

He did say he wants something to use in place of his Dark Magic… :wink: I would guess he means for 1A.

One suggestion would be a Legacy. It’s basically an all plastic Dark Magic. I personally didn’t like it, but sooo many people do and it really is a good yoyo.

I did want it for 1A. I just don’t want to destroy my DM. I’ve already scraped the metal a little and it’s painful :frowning:

Legacy or PGM v2.

i would go for the pgm.
the legacy is also an amazing yoyo, but the pgm is just more fun to me.
both would be great

Yanno… I took my Legacy around as a replacement for my DM and I started to like my Legacy more…

I dropped a MAJOR arial at band camp and scuffed the crud out of my DM and I thougt… Eh at least it wasn’t my Legacy…

I say Legacy…

Legacy. Beats the PGM, IMO. But if you want hubstacks, go for the PGM. Here is where you can purchase them both:

Plastic Grind Machine: