DM or Legacy?

DM or Legacy
Pros and cons please color doesnt really matter i know the prices

If you don’t know how to bind then a DM is good. It’s also good for unresponsive play.
If you like or want to try inner ring grinds then DM.
Legacy- cheaper. I don’t know much about it.
Have you tried looking at other throws?
They’re both good.
BTW wrong section, should be in the lookong for help/recommendations.

Here’s a little about the legacy.

- Cheap
- Plastic version of the Dark Magic
- Completely unresponsive
- Very tight binds
- Requires not much maintenance

- Plastic
- Sleeps for less time than DM
- Mirror Caps wear out

Not many things to say about this yo-yo.

If your budget is tight you might want to try the Legacy. If you have enough money I would buy the New Breed over the Dark Magic if you don’t already have it. If you asked me the Legacy plays better than a lot of metal yo-yos. It all depends on your budget. (I don’t like the Dark Magic)

The legacy isn’t a minauture of the DM, just a plastic version of it.

Thank for the correction ill fix it

A pleasure to help Avery.

Well I have both so
-Nice Feel
-Good inner ring grinds
-metal rims
-long sleeper
-nice caps
-long sleeper
-heavy(if you like that)

he never said that

Look at it this way i didnt like my dark magic when i gotit. but Isiliconed it and now it plays like a dream i prefer it over my 888. hope i helped :wink:

Actually he did. He edited his post after he was told he was wrong.

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oh, okay

how did u isiliconed it??

pretty much says it all

i just took out the oring and put flowable silicone in

ya I don’t think he double siliconed it (although it is possible) I think he just put silicone in the oring side and left the starburst side alone.

i notified because it was in the wrong section :wink:

i dont know if this helps at all but DM is the higher end yoyo. the reason I think Andre made the Legacy was to have a yoyo that could bridge people from begginner to advanced if your past the advanced section and are learning more difficult tricks then the DM is almost DEFINITLY the way to go. all though I wouldnt suggest the DM it is the best of the two for the more advanced player


i have a dm on its way, do i need to silicon it? ???

You don’t NEED to, but i would suggest shaving the o-ring flat and filing down the star-burst, really, though, it’s your choice.