A YYJ's Entertainment: PGM V2

I recently bought a PGM V2 and it is amazing. The yo-yo is unresponsive to the point where advanced players will love it. The smooth body makes it easy to grind and it won’t shoot off. The neatest function is of course the Hubstacks. A person that has never used a Yoyofactory will be entertained for hours by the hubstacks. The Hubstacks match the design and makes the player feel like a god that controls simple things with his/her fingertips.

Although the looks of the PGM V2 doesn’t even compare to it’s predecessor, the play of it is smooth and unresponsive. Advanced players will love the feel of it swinging in the air and beginners that know how to bind will love how it feels in their hands. Any person that has never played a YYF will love this yo-yo. Although the plastic doesn’t seem sturdy, it feels like a completely metal yo-yo. A perfect yo-yo for the yo-yoer who has a crisis budget.

As they say:


Looks: 5/10
Play: 8/10
Responsiveness: 10/10
Feel: 7/10
Overall: 8/10

i think you have a typo on your subject

How about the weight, shape and size? And also, ditch the point system. :smiley:

^^Good idea.

Seemed pretty short, not much detail, but a lot of stuff in few words.

Also seemed a lot like the product description in the store.

Agreed…please refer to the thread about how to post quality reviews


I really like mine except I got bored with the hubstacks in about 10 minutes and it could use a little more rim weight but it is fine the way it is. Good grinder for a plastic and very smooth.

Sorry, haven’t written a review in a while. It’s my first YYF.

Also, don’t catch a typo.

You wrote YYJ instead of YYF in your subject.

Not bad… Needs more content…

I dont get the name…

And ratings are only good if you describe them… Why are the 10’s a 10? why arn’t the other ones?

Because, a person that has only played YYJ’s (like me) will definetly be entertained by this yo-yo.

That still makes absolutely no sense…