YYF PGM v2 Review By: LazyThrower

I got this yoyo a while back and have decided to do a review on it. I was looking for a inexpensive throw with hubstacks and decent play.

Diameter: 2.22"
Width: 1.61"
Response System: K-Pad - Medium
Weight: 64 grams
Bearing Size: Size C

First Impressions
I love the YYF boxes. Especially the way they show case the yoyo in the lower half. Anyways, I got the all white PGM v2. I put a string on it, after a slight struggle with opening the box :P. I noticed a small black arrow on each half. These are the same black arrows as the ones on the Protostar. So, apparently YYF is expanding the arrow idea to other yoyos to prevent over tightening. Also, I notice that it is pretty big.

First Throw/Pull Start
I just threw it lightly and bind it back up. It spun without any vibe and had a nice tight bind. I also attempted a pull start…and failed. lol :P. I tried again and actually did it. :smiley: I twisted it around and noticed that it gave some resistance.

The Play
The PGM v2 is what I expected. An inexpensive yoyo with hubstacks and decent play. The hubstacks are cool, but get boring after a while. It has no vibe to it what so ever. On the the string, it definitely feels like something is there at the end of the string, but not much. Other yoyos feel like there is nothing at the end, but for the PGM v2, it is there. It is one of the biggest yoyos I own, minus the YYJ Big Ben. As for grinding, it does good, not great. It has a special texture to allow for good grinds, but it causes a good amount of friction/heat on your finger or or arm. The binds are tight every time. K pads or CBC pads are excellent. :slight_smile:

Final Thoughts
Lets see. Hubstacks? Check. Decent play? Check. Inexpensive? ($30) Check. It those are the attributes you want in a yoyo, then get it. If not, okay, it isn’t that special of a player.

Prettygood review I like my pgm

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