YYF PGM V2 Review

This is my first review, any criticism is welcome.
So This is a review of my PGM V2.
WIDTH: 40.72 MM
GAP: 3.92 MM
WEIGHT 63.60 G
BEARING: Size C ( .250/.500/.187)
I dont know a lot about the original PGM’s. I know the specs of them but i have never played one before, so i cannot compare it to the V2. I can compare it to the Duncan Freehand 2. The duncan was thinner (obviously) and had a size a bearing which i liked more. They felt the same in diameter, and i couldn’t thumb grind with the Duncan. I can Barely thumb grind with the PGM and Finger grinds last much longer. the gap is great, and when silicone recessed dead unresponsive and uber tight binds (silicone does have that reputation, huh?). Wrist mounts to GT’s are soooooo easy with this, suicides are good, and GT suicides are deceptively easy. I satined the smooth part around the bearing and it grinds very well now. Stacks get boring after a while. Being the 63.6 grams, i feel it is a little light. The bearing is a thing of beauty, and is loud, which i like. The black ‘weight rings’ are of the same plastic as the body. In conclusin, this review is a little short, and this yoyo is great for 1A and 5A.

Good Review ! Do the hubstacks come off by themselves ? Ive heard they do…

thanks, and i am not quite sure what you mean if the hubstacks come off by themselves. they come off after a little bit of pulling, but they stay on securely.