Is the PGM that is found on yye a good yoyo without the hubstacks factored in? I just want some opinions from those who have it

It’s pretty good, I’m using it for 5A and 1A. DO NOT THUMB GRIND WITH IT. When I try to thumb grind(without the hubstacks on) with it, there’s enough friction to heat up my nail and it hurts. I don’t know if it’s just mine or everybody’s, though. It still is a great yoyo. It’s great for arm and finger grinding, I like the finish. I sort of like the noise it makes when you bind, because the hubstacks keep spinning, so you can still hear a bearing as long as you don’t stop throwing for too long. Overall it’s comfortable and has a nice feel to it.

it is a good yoyo. it grinds good, it sleeps for like 2 mins. it has a nice feel to it, and a good shape :wink: