PGM value


wats the PGM good for other than grinding?


Well, it’s performance.

It plays up with all of the metals and high quality yos even for 20 dollars. This is one of the best deals you can get for it’s price. The hubstacks are a nice feature also.

If you have some cash, I’d reccomend getting it.


Also it’s amazing for 5a. Very durable, hubstacks are great for 5a (i have unstacked version :’( ) And just for 30 dollars. :o


It’s sereosly one of the best plastic yoyos there is, I love mine!


Smooth, long spin time, hubstacks, great for 5a, and nice weight.


Great size and feel, yes the hub stacks are awesome, I love how it binds, great all around yoyo. I like it just a bit better than my DM. It was defiantly worth the money. In fact I thank if they even jacked up the price to around 40 bucks I would still buy it. But lets just hope they don’t ;D. Later.

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(Jamesofyoyo) #7

the smoothness of the yo is sooooo cool! the grinding blows wind! (exagerating) its almost impossible to thumb grind. palm grinds go for like 2 sec. but arm grindings are prety good. i love the pgm, but it is only good at arm grinds. my xvict thumb grinds, and palm grinds way better, it even arm grinds better. (by a tad) but pgm is better due to smoothness, sleeptimes, wide gap, ect. i love the pgm

personal preferance


It’s a good all around yoyo.

Great value
Good grinds
Long Spinning
Tight binds

I would highly recommend getting one.

You can see it used here…

(Yo!It'sMatt) #9

Great Yo-yo!
Awesome for 5a IMO.


It’s value in every sense of the word… only thirty bucks? this thing is worth $50!! It’s good for just about everything except 2A and 4A