Plastic grind machine review

Hi guys,

This is a great yoyo,with hubstacks and all.The spin time is pretty much average, about below two minutes. With a few strings wrapeed around the bearing,it spins for about 20,30 seconds. It is totally unresponsive and can do GREAT grinds.It works best for thumb grinds and hand grinds.On the hubstacks,while holding it ,it spins for about 40 seconds. Tis is one awesome yoyo,I give a 8.5/10.


Elaborate more on the shape and the weight. Also, try to also give the cons. Basically, just try to post everything you feel about the yoyos, whether it is good or bad. This is a review, not an advertisment. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay review…please refer to the review guidlines posted…


Yeah, you should refer to this sticky:

It can spin more than 4 minutes if you hold it and pull the string strongly :slight_smile:

lol, this thread is quite old. I even had to recall when I posted the first reply.

I have a blue and yellow GM2

  1. I don’t really like it all.
  2. If you going to spend 30 bucks on a yoyo from YYF go for the north star its only 4 dollars more and how I understand it, its really good.
  3. The yoyo doesn’t sleep for crap, Zero thumb grinds, and yoyo tilts like there’s no tomorrow. The only good thing that the yoyo has is the hub stacks.
  4. The yoyo feels cheap.

However if your intent on buying the yoyo is to see if you will like hubstacks or not. It is a good way to see if you do or do not with out buying a $100 yoyo. It would suck really bad if you bought a skyline, 888, and etc. and you found out that you don’t like hubstacks.

I think the original post was referring to the PGM v1. I am not sure though. I really cannot recall when version 2 was released…