how good is the plastic grind machine?

a couple days ago i asked my grandma to get me a plastic grind machine for christmas.i can’t wait and i don’t know much about much does it weigh with the o-rings inside?is it totally unresponsive?how long does it sleep on the string?how about on the hubstacks?if these questions could be answered i’d be realy thankfull. yo-bear

i’ve never played with a PGM but many players have and they loved it. even though its plastic it plays like a metal.

the PGM weighs about 64 grams i think and i also think that adding double o rings is pretty stupid. the k-pads are a great response and adding o rings for weight is unnecceasry since there are hubstacks and i don’t think the PGM doesn’t need any exra things to improve in sleep times.

sleep times don’t really matter but it’ll sleep long enough for any trick and long combos as long as you have a good thorw meaning srtaight and strong.

Hubstacks i think don’t affect the spin time at all when grabbing it but again i’ve never tried one so all this information is coming purely from other people’s reviews and comments.

i forgot to ask,is the PGM good for thumb grinding?

i don’t think so since there are hubstacks

that alright.i’ve got to thank’ve been a great help.

Its good for thumb grinding if you have reallly really have small thumbs but other than that grindings pretty cool it doesnt last as long as a metal one would but it does the job. As for the hubstacks they spin for a reasonable amount of time. For the most part its unresponsive but sometimes when you do grinds it has a tendency to snap back. Hope that helped!

Mine is sooooo good! It is smooth and grinds well for a plastic. Thumb grinds are really close to impossible but that’s ok. It feels good and doesn’t slow down on multi layers. Also it is dead unresponsive (for me) but has tight binds. Sounds perfect huh?

well based on those things yeah. but then you have other preferences to consider like Width Size, Gap Size, and Diameter. Others also care about the bearing size, prize, and response system.