Your thoughts on the PGMv2

I’m looking to get a new throw within the next month or so (I’m planning ahead :D).
My most recent throw is a YYF ProtoStar and it is AMAZING, but I can’t really seem to grind with it.
I’m thinking of learning 5A with the ProtoStar and using the PGMv2 as a primary/secondary 1A throw.
(I’m more of a plastic yo-yo kind of guy.)

I would like to know your thoughts and opinions about the PGMv2 (Plastic Grind Machine).
Any problems or important things to know about the yo-yo would be great.

Spintime is decreased a little with the hubstacks.

If your throw is good it should still be more than enough time to pull anything off. I personally like the protostar more than the pgm. PGM is a nice yoyo to have though, it’s one of those ones you can put in your pocket and take with you anywhere and not worry about dinging a metal.

The PGM isn’t my favorite throw, but it’s among my favorites. It’s very awesome and can handle anything you can throw at it. :slight_smile:

meh. I like the shape, but it needs more weight. All the metal rimmed YYJ I’ve played play quite a bit better than it. (other than speeder) On an average throw I can get one to two more tricks in on the YYJ’s. I added an wheight ring and it feels much more solid and it is 65g. If I were you I would get an x-convict, hitman, new breed, or atmosphere. Also, contrary to the name, it is not a grinder. I does play well but I think there are better things.

Doesn’t the Grind Machine come with four O rings (two for each side) to add weight?

And the yo-yos you listed are nice but at the moment I’m not too interested in pursuing yo-yos with outer metal rims.

i think its pretty good. But after a while, it doesn’t spin for as long as it used to. Besides that its a great yoyo for great players! :slight_smile:

What do you mean it doesn’t spin as long as it used to? I think it spins just fine.

No it doesn’t. That was the first version. There isn’t near as much room on the new ones for o-rings to fit in.

^^^ Yes, the new version does not use the oring system that the old one did, but there is enough room to fit one that I got in the hardware store. It does play well. It is smooth and I like it. I just think that there are better things. (protostar)

Ahh I see. Well I’m still looking around but right now the Grind Machine is just a possible option.
Thanks for all responses!