Grind Machine vs Proto Star

Should i get the YYF Grind Machine or YYF Protostar and why?

protostar its alot better most people have the grind machine beacause its introduses u to hubstacks and they are cool at first but really after a while they get annoying and the protostar plays like a high end metal at a value price

what’s annoying about a pgm?
I still use mine sometimes. it’s a nice throw. it’s actually my 4th stacked yoyo, so didn’t get it for an introduction to hubstacks.
I love my protostar, but I like my pgm a bit more. it feels a bit heavy on the string, though.

If you want something to play like a high end metal at a value price though, I’d go with a raptor. with a cleaned bearing, that thing will play like the best of them.

Having said what theyoguy15 said, here’s what I am saying for MYSELF:

Nothing against the ProtoStar, but as I am building a collection that will include yoyos for the purposes of features, variety and diversity, I am buying a Grind Machine on my next YYE order.(along with a bunch of other yoyos). Why am I choosing a Grind Machine? Low price introduction to hubstacked yoyos. Of course, for all the yoyos I buy, I do intend to play them, not just have them in a box to show off.

I also somewhat agree with the concept that after a while the hubstack bit is gonna get annoying. I see it as somewhat of a novelty, but I want to have options available to me. With that concept in mind, I’m buying stuff I don’t intend to use right away, that way it’s going to be here and in my possession so that way when the time comes, it’s waiting for me.
(yeah, my next order is gonna be sorta big, lots of yoyos, but I got kids throwing too!)

Will I get a Protostar down the line? Who knows. I’ll keep my options open.

After this purchase, I’m aiming for a high-end metal, that I’ll ask for advice on. Timeline is late October/Early November, but may get bumped up.

Now, for opinion:
If you’re wanting to grab the side of the yoyo and do grinding tricks(although I’m not sure how well thumb grinds will work), well, the Grind Machine seems to the the hands down favorite of the two choices. If you’re not concerned about grinding, my guess would be the Protostar. I think in general, the Protostar might be the better choice for you.

Protostar is better fitted for 1A play, as PGM could too, but is more for hubstacks. And they do get annoying. Harder IRG’s, some even claim vibe with them.

PGM has a bulky shape, looks like a Hulk if you get a green PGM. Protostar has a sharper profile, having to be a slanted H-Shape. Extremely small bearing wall, ideal for Gyroscopic Flops.

You might have a better variety with PGM, you could get one just to test it out. But if you are aiming for 1A play, I’d have to go with Protostar. And it is one of the worst for grinding.

And ask me if you are interested in Raptor. Yah like metal? Cause it plays like an extreme high end with lots of great things included, as playing great for an unbelievable price.

Protostar definitely!

Pgm, has hubstacks, but it dosnt perform as well, and to be honest, if you want a better hubstack experience, you would be better off buying a high end metal…

As far as performance the protostar far surpases the grind machine, much more stable, easily spins longer and just plays great… Nice and floaty, really does perform like a high end metal… Very comparable to a severe or supernova

To me, the PGM feels kinda stocky on the strings(not a good thing) and the protostar on the string is smooth as a babys bottom. And yuuki slack to me is easier on the “H” shape. i’d recommend the protostar.

Protostar, awesome throw just felt a lot better then the Pgm, almost as if it wasn’t plastic. If your thinking of getting the pgm for the shape, get a dienasty; the hubstacks are pretty much useless and deacrease play. The only good thing about the is that you can add spike stacks so that you can do some matador.


Studio how do you type so much?

How do I type so much? Like 110wpm? Practice!

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I too say Protostar/Northstar over the pgm. I bought a pgm to see what hubstacks were like, but after a little while, the pgm annoys me with its instability. It’s the most unstable yoyo I own, and every time I throw it, I am extremely dissapointed with its horrible stability. The Protostar and Northstar, on the other hand, play just as good as $100 metal yoyos.

Hey, it happens.

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