PSG vs. ONE vs. Stackless Grind Machine

So I’ve already taken care of my personal yoyo needs (Gonna buy me a CODE1! Or CODE2.). However, I have two friends interested in taking up yoyoing. They can bind and don’t care if it’s a cheap yoyo. I’m trying to save money, but without sacrificing performance.

Here’s what I’ve gathered so far:
-The Stackless Grind Machine is much smoother and has less vibe than the normal Grind Machine, which was initially fairly great to start with. It’s got a very low price, and can perform grinds when they are ready to do so.

-The PSG seems to have been one of the most anticipated yoyos in its price range. Supposedly performs nearly on par with the Northstar/Protostar (I need confirmation on this.), capable of taking a beating if dropped, and is wider than the Stackless Grind Machine.

-The ONE is a great beginner’s yoyo, comes with a responsive bearing and an unresponsive bearing, it is the cheapest of the three, has better color options if they truly want that choice, and can handle some damage.

My questions:
-Will the very light weight of the ONE severely affect play for tricks up through ‘Advanced Part 1’, and will it spin long enough for those tricks to be completed?
-Is the PSG really what it’s all hyped up to be? Can it obviously out-perform the other two choices?
-Can the Stackless Grind Machine come close to the PSG’s performance? Is it any more stable?
-Would the slightly heavier weight of the Asteroid give it a very large advantage over all of these? Can the Grind Machine match its abilities as well?

If I were to buy two different ones, which two would be most recommended? Otherwise which single yoyo easily out-performs the rest(generally speaking)?

I’d get the PSG and/or Asteroid. I’d pay twice as much and mabye more. I have both and love both, for the price they can’t be beat. I haven’t played with either of the other two choices but I have played with a Grind Machine and I’d take PSG and Asteroid over it anyday. The thing is with the psg is that it’s has some vibe but not too terrible and the asteroid has almost no vibe. Asteroid I’d say is an improved version of the PSG with less vibe, more stable, and longer spin time. The downside to the asteroid is that it’s not as durable as the PSG but is pretty durable anyhow. If I were you I would get the PSG and/or Asteroid for price and spin time at about aminute on average. Although I’ve gotten 2 minute sleeps with them. I’ve played with the protostar and I personally like the PSG and Asteroid better because they are lighter and faster.

Asteroid and/or PSG would get my vote.

I have both the PSG and the ONE and I have the asteroid coming in the mail. The PSG is great. I love the shape and it has a pretty good spin time. I would definently choose that over the ONE. The ONE is just a little bit too light in my opinion. I don’t have a Northstar or a Protostar so I don’t know how the PSG matches up to them. I would say go with the PSG. It’s only 5 dollars more than the ONE and in my opinion a lot better.

Of your list, PSG.

Other choice: Asteroid.

Go get them!

I find it hilarious that in my mind I was thinking “Let’s wait for Studio42 to come up with a legitimate comment.” And next thing I know you pop up haha. The interesting part will be getting them to get over the fact that it looks like a child’s toy.

As we all know, a yoyo is not just a toy. :wink:

Although I’m curious as to how the Stackless Grind Machine performs in comparison to the PSG/Asteroid.


I’ve played the stackless grind machine, and I have a 2011 ONE and 2012 ONE.

The PSG and Asteroid, at least in my opinion, both play much better than the ONE and stackless grind machine. The ONE is too light and is clearly designed for the beginner and intermediate market. The stackless grind machine just doesn’t quite feel up to the same level as the PSG and Asteroid. It plays like an intermediate to advanced yoyo, leaning heavily towards the advanced side. It just somehow comes up a but short in a few areas. I’m ordering one with my next YYE order though, I played one and enjoyed it.

Yes, the definitely DO look like child’s toys, especially the PSG and Asteroid thanks to their very loud colors. Still, for the $16 price tag, it’s a value that’s going to be very hard to beat. They are super low in cost, but very high in performance. Some people have complained about vibe in them, and yes, mine do vibe a bit, but it’s not enough where it annoys me or even bothers me. It’s plastic, I accept and expect some vibe, but it doesn’t distract in the tiniest little bit from my enjoyment of these yoyos.

As always, it’s a matter of preferences. The ONE is fun and super affordable. The stackless GM is great, but somehow feels lacking in a few areas. The Asteroid and PSG are really great and not just because of price/performance, but because they are.