Grind machine or legacy 2 ?

I can’t decide which to get. Either of them would be my second yoyo(my first is the yyf whip). I know how to bind decently. And the more I “yoyo” the more I like it so I would like to get another yoyo. I’ve come up with two options. But if you guys have other opinions on which yoyo I should get I could use some help.

i would get the stackless grind machine if i were you. its a good yoyo. i have the stacked grind machine, but i find the stacks kinda gimmicky. the legacy 2 is also a solid player, but would save the cash and get a $12 stackless grind machine. also consider the adegle plastics the $15 PSG and $15 asteroid. both are unresponsive.

why do you need a new yoyo when youve had the whip for only a day or so (based on your whip or ONE thread)?

If the choices are the Grind Machine, I would assume you mean the $30 PGM, not the Stackless Grind Machine for $12. Both are good. It comes down to “stacks vs. no stacks”. I could care less about the “gimmick” aspect of stacks. If you don’t like stacks, stop using them. I prefer to have the option. I like options. I can always NOT use the option. However, the Stackless Grind Machine ain’t no slacker, so ignore the low price because it’s just a number, NOT an indicator of quality.

The Legacy II I really enjoy. I had to buy one so I’d stop playing with my kid’s Legacy II. 2 bearings for responsive/unresponsive play options. I feel it’s a bit better of an option.

Now, I’m assuming your budget before shipping is to be right around $30, since the PGM is in your list of items to consider.

Some other serious items to consider:
Yeah, I agree again with subreh1234 again with the Asteroid and PSG, and for a few dollars more, you could get both. Or a PSG or Asteroid and the stackless grind machine, or swap out the PSG and/or Asteroid for a Starbrite. Or, since we’re maybe in the $35 range, Protostar or Northstar.

Another one to consider since your first is a Whip might be the DieNasty, which also has the same shape as the Whip, which also shares the same general shape with the PGM and stackless PGM.

So many choices.

But in closing, based on your choices:
The PGM(either version) gives you familiarity with additional weight. One gives you stacks as an option, one doesn’t.
The Legacy II gives you responsive and unresponsive options, different shape, good weight, larger catch zone.

All have good weight, are pretty solid, stable, smooth and I think full sized.

As I have ALL of the yoyos I suggested, but limiting myself to the Legacy II and PGM, I’d suggest the Legacy II. Between those two, I find myself reaching for that one more often. Then again, I am partial to the DM2, which I think plays a fair amount into that decision.

wow. just wow. in a good way.