Grind machine?

I’m looking for a good unresponsive yoyo and I want to know if the grind machine is a good choice.

Good, yes

Unresponsive, Yes

the Grind Machine meets your criteria!

Thank you

I would reccomend the stackless version. It saves you a few bucks, and it’s quieter. I had a PGM and I barely ever used the stacks.

grind machine is decent. When I tried the pgm it was a little too unstable for my liking. Keep in mind I like extremely stably yoyos.

In my opinion the northstar and the protostar play better for me. I would recommend them.

if you wait a little bit the yyj classic will come out and it’s good too imo. They were at worlds

Stackless GM is the best idea.

gring machine or yyj kickside

I had a grind machine and i loved it!.. for the few weeks it worked anyways. I would much suggest that you buy a protostar. About the same price but the play is much better. Hope this helped!

I got one to replace my broken Northstar and for use in 5a. 5a is better then say a Raptor, but still pretty average. Overall, I continually find myself “outplaying” the PGM. It just doesn’t play fast enough and doesn’t have enough weight to give it that authoritative feel that I like in a throw.

Beginner - yes
Intermediate - maybe
Advanced - no

Starting out in 5a - yes

Shinwoo Phantom, imo, is better and 1/3 the price. It’s very noisy, but also comes unresponsive. It is injected molded around metal rings, so it ihas better weight distribution similar to the YYF Stars and YYJ Journey.

I like the grind machine and all, but it is not very good at sleeping.