Grind machine?

Im looking for a good unresponsive yoyo. Is the grind machine a good choice? Thanks. Also, if you know about any other good unresponsive yoyos, please comment. Thanks

The Grind Machine is a solid unresponsive intermediate throw with hubstacks but i would recommend the starlite, protostar or northstar over it the stars are much more stable and overall better yoyos (IMO)

Grind Machine- heavy, has hubstacks, round shape, not much stability but smooth $30
Starlite- on the lite side, comes with center track, h shape, $25
Protostar- great weight for going fast,metal weight rings for added stability,center track, h shape $35
Northstar- the most stable yoyo out of these choices, on the heavy side, center track, h shape $35

you really cant go wrong with any of the these yoyos so get the one that fits your preferences and have fun

What’s your budget? What are your preferences? What exactly are you looking for? Are you looking at the stacked or stackless one?

There’s hundreds of good unresponsive yoyos just at YYE, and many more elsewhere(including many of the same ones at YYE).

More information please.