What do you guys think?

So I just ordered a YoYoFactory Grind Machine last night. I will want to know what to expect. So if anybody has one or has played one, than tell me what it is like, please!

High walled relaxed throw with hubstacks. Plays unresponsive and will vibe like most plastics. Should be fun.

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It’s a fun, inexpensive throw. The Grind Machine was my first unresponsive yoyo and I learned a lot on it. I never worked with the hubstacks and I can barely grind so I’m not the best to talk about that aspect. But I can say that compared to my Velocity (set to non-responsive) the Grind Machine is much easier to work with.

Still, though you’ll have fun with it, people should make threads like these BEFORE they order lol :wink:

The texture on the grind machine makes ur skin really hot when u grind and after a while my grind machine sleeps for a really short time and plays quite badly