Yoyo factory Grind machine!


The yoyo factory grind machine is an inexpensive, all plastic yoyo, that preforms very very well for its price. This is the first YYF yoyo to feature their signature hubstacks and they are loads of fun. The yoyo its self is very stable and mostly unnoticeable vibe. It is smooth and be taken up to high speeds quite nicely. This yoyo in genera is just plain fun. It has a chunky bit of a feel and its rounded shape is a joy to hold. I find myself constantly looking at it from different angles and spinning the hub stacks. As for play i was able to preform pretty much all my tricks and combos with easy as the yoyo is forgiving and does produce a long sleep time. I was able to preform decent finger grinds with this yoyo as the name suggests. Thumb grinds are not really possible on this yoyo with the rings and the stacks in the way.The bearing on the yoyo is a standard spec size c bearing that never fails. The only main flaw is that when taking the yoyo apart i found its spacers were stuck greatly on the bearing and very hard to get off without a tool. I found this a problem as its not so easy to just swap out the bearing you have to remove the spacers first. All in all this yoyo has given me pure plain fun that never fails to deliver. From the awesome play to the hub stacks theres always something new I’m trying with the grind machine.


Great review! I will be sure to get this yoyo in the future!