Grind Machine, Legacy 2, or Die-Nasty.

Hey I’m going for my second yoyo and I’m looking for an intermediate yoyo to step up my game. But I can’t decide between these three. Any help?

What’s your first yoyo?

There’s the stackless grind machine. 5A-friendly shape, good 1A player, good weight, super cheap in price but not super cheap in performance. The Grind Machine has stacks, which while you may not be ready for, simply ignore them and keep playing. Everything you can like about the stackless, but with stacks. There’s the DieNasty,which glows. Again, good performance, good weight, good playability, and can do 5A really great too. They all have the same basic shape and perform very similarly.

Legacy II with the 2 bearings, good weight, generous catch zone. good weight as well. Plastic version of the proven Dark Magic II. The 2 bearings let you be responsive or unresponsive as you choose and on your terms. The YYF’s do not offer this option. This one would be my choice, but I have all of these as well, so I can say “I like the Legacy II best” of your group. The Legacy II can be used for 5A and even 3A, Then again, the others can do 3A s well, just not as well.

All 4 can be siliconed. Changing the bearings or cleaning the YYF’s is a pain in the butt because of the spacers.

Any will do you good. I think the profile of the Legacy II will work better for you.

Thanks. Answering your question, my first yoyo is a yyf Whip.

Ah, very helpful. The Whip is very close in shape to the Grind Machine versions and the DieNasty, so you kind of have a familiarization with how they play. Keep in mind those YYF’s you expressed interest in are all a lot heavier. It will be a lot of “well, this is very much the same, while being very different”.

I still recommend the Legacy II, but with your familiarity with the Whip, maybe the DieNasty or PGM(stacked) might be more to your liking. It depends on "do I want to get something very different(Legacy II) or something similar(the YYF’s). I won’t argue for or against stacks. Some people say it gets old fast, others love them. I like the option being available. At $30, the PGM is the high-ticket item. The STackless is at $12, while the Dienasty is around $25, but so is the Legacy II.

Any other items you might consider? PSG? Asteroid? Chaser?