Hi guy i need help getting started


I am an intermediate yoyo player and I have owned yoyos in the past. I’m now looking to improve my game but i currently dont have a yoyo to play with. I am stuck on which yoyo to by which best suits my playing style. im looking for a yoyo that goes well with grinds, string tricks and unresponsive play. I did some research on my own and I’m stuck between the Counter Attack and YYJ Legacy. but agian, I want a second opinion on what yoyo i should buy. My budget is up to 40 dollars.

Can ya help me out?


To answer your question…both are great from what ive heard, as i havent thrown either. both canbe used in unresponsive play and string tricks but the grinds may not be as great as you would like themsince they are plastic, but who really needsan nsanely long grind? regardless they would both be a good purchase.

Although someone that has played both may be able to gve you a better opinion, but its just that…an opinion. what they may like or prefer can be far from what you do. So keep that in mind when you are reading other preferences. And when it comes down to it, pick the one that you find a better fit for you.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

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ill keep that in mind.

legacy is realy un responsive and i can do master tricks on it. it is a great yoyo u willl like it if you can bind it was my first yoyo i got and i still use it it basicly a plastic dark magic.


is it any good for grinds?

I suggest the Legacy, as it would be more beginner friendly than the Counter Attack. They’re both wonderful yoyos, but I think the Legacy would suit you well.

Its not necessarily “good” for grinds, IMO, but it can do them.

i would say the legacy because its cheaper and plays just as good as the counter attack


you guys bring up valid points. I am probably going to buy the legacy until i get better and then ill probably switch to a more advanced one.

thanks for all the help guys

The Legacy is more expensive than the Die Nasty…

I personally recommend the Plastic Grind Machine, it is great for grinds (obviously), completely unresponsive out of the box, and people say hubstacks are boring buy I think they’re fun. I also like the shape better than the Legacy, and I think it’s more unresponsive than the Legacy.

It’s also great because although it’s a little more money, you will be able to use it for a very long time. I know some people with over 5 metal yo-yos that love the Plastic Grind Machine.

I would recommend a Counter Attack. It is basically a improved version of the Plastic Grind Machine, so it is the best for grinding due ot its textured surface. Other than that, the Legacy plays the same as the Counter Attack.


If your budget is up to 40 bucks then you might also want to consider the metal rimmed yyjs. I really love my hitman with silicone and shims and it will do any trick with ease. It is smooth and really is a lot better than the plastic grind machine to me. Oh, and the pgm doesn’t grind all that well.

what about the dark magic?
im thinking about buying that