Stackless grind machine VS. PSG VS. Asterid

Thoughts please 8)

I have the PSG and the Asteroid, and I have played the stackless grind machine and am planning to get one.

Asteroid. The size, shape and where the weight is. It’s also got a rather aggressive shape and play to match.

The PSG is a bit slower/floatier due tot the shape. It’s not bad by any stretch, just it’s kind of a safe shape and a safe player. It’s good for anyone.

The stackless grind machine feels like YYF did something to make up for the weight difference by removing the stacks, probably by beefing up the weight rings I guess. It has less vibe than the regular PGM, and mine is really smooth. It’s just one of those “stack things”. Like the PSG and Asteroid, it plays way above it’s price point, but at a lower level than the Asteroid and PSG. It’s not bad by any stretch.

My choice would be the Asteroid. It costs more than the stackless PGM, but I think it’s more flexible.