Which is better the PSG or the Asteroid?

I am deciding which yoyo I should get. I have $33 and I want the PSG or the Asteroid. If you could tell me which is better or give a better yoyo $33, please reply.

If you have $33, why not get both and decide for yourself.

Their is no “Best.” It’s all a matter of preferences.

I really want to know because I want the Shinwoo Griffin Wing too.

It’s been said already. There is no best, there’s only “what do YOU like better”.

Sorry, it’s the truth. Both are amazing but both are very different beasts.

Which do you like more?

Neither is better, but I prefer the PSG as it was less rattly and made less noise. The asteroid is still great, though.

I’m going to take majority. Everyone who reads this please say which yoyo is better, PSG or the Asteroid?

Please understand. It’s all preferences. The majority may end up choosing a yo-yo that’s not suited to your style. Can you explain your style of play so that we can help you determine which is better FOR YOU?

Fast tricks, smooth tricks, and whips.

I prefer the Asteroid because it can be pushed a lot harder than the PSG. The PSG is better for 3a though.

Depends on my mood. I have both(and the Shinwoo Griffin Wing). What do I carry with me? Asteroid. Why? Yellow, bright, a bit more aggressive than the PSG and attracts more attention.

The PSG is nice too. Comfy shape, loads of fun, slower, a different playing experience.

It’s one of those instances where “I sure am glad I have both!”

As far as the Shinwoo Griffin Wing, I prefer my Fiesta XX much better. The caps keep popping out of my Griffin Wing when it hits the floor, and I don’t want to glue them in there.

I don’t own an Asteroid. It I do own a PSG. I don’t care for it so I’d recommend the Asteroid also.

Same here.

For me the asteroid is bit more stable because of the aluminum inside it, even though the shape is a bit uncomfortable.

The PSG is rather too light for me.

Heres the best one, the one you like the best.

Thank you! I’m getting the Asteroid!

Thank you! I’m getting the Asteroid!

The Asteroid has aluminum on the inside? And even if it does, wouldn’t the PSG also have it if the Asteroid has it?

I find the shape to be comfortable. Yo-yoing revolves around an individual’s preferences.