How are the pgs's

I was looking around at some plastics and was wondering how this played. Anyone have it.

I mean psg ;D

For $15, amazing. For twice that, STILL amazing. For 3 times that, STILL amazing. I got lucky, mine is really vibe free.

The Asteroid is no slacker either.

Adegle with the PSG and Asteroid at $16, talk about total game changers in the super-affordable yoyo market. Serious stuff at seriously low prices.

Is the psg responsive or in-responsive.

Its unresponsive. I think Ill be buying a 4 pack for my friends in mexico

They ship unresponsive. Feel free to play with bearings and silicone it to your liking. Easy mods!

PSG is real cool - and the price is great - get the 4 pack and it’s buy 3 get 1 free. The Asteroid, in my opinion is even better - it’s a little heavier, has great spin, and looks great in it’s bright colors.

Don’t even hesitate if you want a PSG, yes they are simply awesome.

I really didn’t like the psg. I thought it was unstable and had lots of vibe. I really like the starbrite better.

I picked up a Starbrite at CalStates just to have an excuse to introduce myself to a local retailer who carries yoyos(mainly YYF’s apparently). That’s really fun. The Neon Green is loud, but not loud like the Asteroid!(I mean that in regards to brightness of colors).

I found the Starbrite to be a decent throw, but I feel the Adegle offerings are better in nearly every aspect. Not saying the Starbrite is an inferior throw, but when I played them side by side(for lack of a better term), my preferences swayed towards the Adegle yoyos.

Fellavader brings up the issue of how important preferences play a factor in things. You can ask all the questions you want, get all the information(favorable or unfavorable) you can handle, but it means little to nothing if you end up reading enough positive to sway you and then you buy and not liking it. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad yoyo, it just means it’s not an ideal match for you.

Still, they are fun, affordable, durable and I found mine to be pretty much vibe free and are very stable. I will say that some people have reported having gotten some with a lot of vibe, while others(such as myself) have received theirs with very little vibe.

Ya I agree studio it is all preference. I hear several good review on the psg but I got one and really didn’t like it. I’m not saying its built bad just not my first choice of plastic. With that said it didn’t cost me much to try it. Hope all this helps. Have fun and keep throwing.