Adegle PSG Review


This is my first review so bear with me. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Let’s start off with specs

Diameter: 55.0 mm / 2.16 inches

Width: 46.0 mm / 1.81 inches

Gap width: 4.20 mm / .17 inches

Weight: 64.3 g

background info (but you probably don’t care): One day I stumbled upon $35. I decided to get some plastics so my Superstar didn’t have to be dented so many times from 5a accidents and misplaced glass lamps. So anyways long story short, I now have two PSG’s.

Feel in hand: 7/10 Some may find the shape of the PSG a little awkward to hold but it didn’t really bother me.

Feel on the string: 8/10 I have only noticed a slight vibe but it is really easy to tune out, especially when you are focusing on intense string tricks. However, for the price, it is really not so bad.

Playability: 9/10 When I first got this yoyo i thought, “Eh, it might sleep for a minute,” but this thing sleeps amazingly. I did notice that it does seem to want to go a tad slower, but can be pushed to go faster. I was also a little concerned about the stability due to the light weight and plastic. I have to admit, it is not the most stable throw out there but it can get you where you need to go.

Comparison to high end metals: 9/10 Although there is slight vibe, this thing is pretty amazing. I usually practice my freestyles on my Superstar or CODE 2 and I have one I have been working on right now. With the freestyle, there is usually barely enough spin to get it to return (in other words, push the yoyo to its full potential in sleep time). When I tried it on the PSG, I could do the exact same freestyle without adjustments. Stability and sleep time were not a problem.

Binds: 7/10 Binds can be a little slippy. Sometimes with a sloppy bind the yoyo snags then drops down and sleeps again. However, with a strong throw and a strong bind this is not usually a problem.

I also got this yoyo so I could learn some 5a without risking my metals. It still works AMAZINGLY and the peace of mind is nice.

Overall, if you are considering getting a yoyo to bring around or do some 5a with, this would be an excellent choice. I am so impressed I am thinking about getting more in the future. Overall, I would say 8/10.

Also, many people say that you should change the bearing and response, but I find it to be pointless and a waste of money. The bearing and response fork FINE.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave feedback.


Good review! :wink: I was wanting to get a cheap plastic and was deciding between the PSG and ONEstar. Which one would you recommend?


From this guys review, my ONEstar is useless compared to this thing. I would pick up the PSG.


I wouldn’t make that recommendation based on one review, nardcopter. :wink:

I appreciate the reviewer’s opinion and experiences, but since they are here in the forum for posterity, let me put forward a contrasting opinion:

I do not like the PSG. I feel that it is more wobbly than other plastics at the same price. I don’t have the worst throw in the world, and it is a challenge to get a smooth throw out of it. I also do not feel it has spectacular spin times, though I’m sure it spins just as well as some of the other plastics I’ve tried. It’s not in the same calibre as plastics with metal weights, though (YYJ Chaser and Trigger, for example).

The main yoyo I would compare it to at a similar price is the YYJ Classic. The Classic is a touch more expensive if you need to buy the full-sized bearing and optional response pads, but many of us have a small container of spare bearings and own tubes of flowable or spare pads, so it’s an “invisible” cost for us. The Classic outplays the PSG in pretty much every conceivable way, including stability/forgiveness, spin time, and in my opinion the elusive fun factor.

I personally do not think it compares favourably with most metals at all. The Trigger gives me metal-like performance, and the PSG doesn’t give me nearly the performance of the Trigger.

Would I set it up for 5A? Sure. I have a Lyn Fury set up for 5A, and it’s nice to huck around something that’s fairly indestructible. That said, I do miss a bit of “cheat mode” stability sometimes with the Lyn Fury, and it would be the same with the PSG. I think less stable yoyos encourage cleaner play, but sometimes when it’s just the “handling a counterweight” part you want to concentrate on, extra stability would be a useful crutch. In that regard, I think the Classic is again a superior performer.

In short, I do not recommend the PSG to anyone except as a “Meh, might as well add it to an order just for some fun.” I know I’m fairly isolated in my opinion, but it’s worth knowing that SOMEONE out here has such an opinion of it. :wink:


^i agree with this… and think this is where most of the “vibe” complaints come from with this yoyo.

That being said… i played mine a lot and enjoyed it for what it was.


To be honest, i actually agree with much that you said. It is not nearly at the same caliber of the high end plastics that are available.
HOWEVER, i do really like some aspects of it. It is a lot of fun, and when you compare it to other yoyos of similar pricing (barring a few that i have not tried but have heard better things about, as well as the classic) it is better. let’s not forget that the trigger (pretty much my favorite plastic) is pretty much double the price of the PSG. If you really want to get your money’s worth out of it, try it with a center trac bearing and a set of IR pads.
Then again, the alpha crash plays about ten times better than it right out of the box, and even more awesome with a center trac bearing.

I am not trying to start an argument, i just wanted to show you that you are not alone in your opinion


Yes, I should have mentioned that I own the Classic as well; I mentioned the Trigger and Chaser, but I should have compared to something the same price.

[edit: updated my original reply to include references to the Classic now]


I have not played the onestar, but I heard it was decent.


I just got a onestar and two psgs today(and an alpha crash…). Of the three, the alpha crash plays the best. The PSG and onestar are both pretty good, but the PSG is just so…aesthetically pleasing. The fact that it plays alright is almost secondary to the fact that it’s very sexy for a plastic yoyo. It’s understated, comes in a variety of bright yet muted colors, and is reasonably cheap. You can afford to have one for every outfit/mood.

In many ways, I think the PSG is an excellent alternative to a modded FHZ. You don’t play with a FHZ to win a contest(anymore, at least). But they look fly and are easily personalized. I have enough yoyos that sometimes a “classic” look and decent play can speak to me, at least for a few hours.

And to touch upon the YYJ classic comments, sure, the classic is a beast of a player when compared to the price. But the PSG still looks waaaay cooler.


The Gem series has the potential to look marginally cooler. :wink:

But the right colour combos on the Classic look boss, too! Dark blue caps on day-glo green body is a pretty sweet look. :smiley: