Adegle PSG


Is the Adegle psg good? I just want to get a durable plastic throw to take wherever, but not to replace my Onedrop Benchmark.

(major_seventh) #2

It’s decent, but you should go for an Upgraded Classic. Much more durable, higher performance, longer spin times, and made in the USA. YYE even sells an upgrade kit for it.

If your price point is higher, the new Diffusion by YYR hands down.


It’s good for the price, and was mentioned a good deal when talking about good cheap plastics. However ever since the speedaholix was released, you don’t hear much about the psg anymore.

Probably because it’s better :stuck_out_tongue: so if go with the speedaholic

(major_seventh) #4

Speedaholic’s not bad, but it doesn’t have the stability you want in a high performing plastic. It’ll tilt more easily.


Would it help for me to put a one drop ten ball in the psg?


Get a crucial groove bearing, something that centers the string.

A flat bearings a flat bearing, that’s how I see it. A OD 10 ball may make it smoother and a little longer spinning compared to an 8 ball but it’s not going to do more then that. A centering bearing makes a yoyo more stable as well as longer spinning.

 First of all, the classic is AMAZING for being only ten dollars.  For one thing, they are a little bigger than average.  They spin [i]way[/i] longer than you would expect.  I've tried various combos with the classic and with supposedly longer spinning yoyos, and the classic goes just as far.
 I have a speedaholic, and here's a bit of a warning: it vibes really easily.


Ok I have a terrapin x delta cut bearing that I can switch in and out of the psg and Benchmark.


Does anyone know the sleep time on the psg?


With a stock bearing you’ll get like 30s

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The PSG is still my favorite plastic in the $15 range.

(rizkiyoist) #12

The more accurate sleep time should be like 5+ minutes with stock everything, I can easily prove it if I had one. Been wanting it since I tried a Sandglass but the more stable Speedaholic rules the market right now, making them hard to find.
However it’s kinda too floaty even for a plastic, whether they need to use smaller bearing, or remove the cap and use weight rings instead (that’s a feedback for you Adegle).


I have never liked the PSG, even since before the new entries into that price range.

I much, MUCH prefer the Classic and Speedaholic. By a LOT.

(WildCat23) #14

I used to pull off horizontal stuff with it all the time, never had a problem with its stability. Many people however, have sloppy technique and use more stable yoyos to compensate for it.


I just don’t find it fun. True, it’s less stable overall and requires you to not suck. But yeah… more than that I just don’t like the shape (not comfortable, not visually appealing to me), don’t find it has great spin time… has kind of a shoddy feel to it.

All just my opinions. I’ll take the ones I mentioned any day over the PSG.


Was that the opaque or gem PSG? I prefer the feel of the opaque ones myself


Gem. Never tried an opaque one, actually.

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Same here.