Adegle PSG review.

So here I am to do a review on the Adegle PSG.

This yoyo’s shape is very comfortable in the hand, due to it being very rounded. However, it takes a bit of getting used to because the widthis very large(46 mm). At first I was worried about how this would affect play. No worries though, part of this is because the caps stick out a tiny bit from the yoyo, the part of the yoyo you actually use is probably only about 42-43 mm. Also, the stock pads are a bit slippy, so I put in some cbc pads. Problem solved.
This yoyo is very fun to use. I find that it is very easy to control. The stock bearing on mine is of a very high quality and spins for a long time. When I first got it I just kept flicking the bearing, amazed at how it spun. :D. I also found that this yoyo works best for slow to medium speed play. It is very easy to catch on the string, and has decent stability. I timed the spin time to a minute and thirty seconds, but then I got bored and brought it back up. It could’ve gone longer though, it was still spinning strong. Hand starts are okay, not bad, not great. Grinds… they’re nothing to be excited about. Also this yoyo is dead unresponsive out of the box.
Other pros/cons
This yoyo is very durable. It is marked up and dented on the rims and is still going strong.
If youn don’t have this yoyo, I would suggest to BUY IT NOW. At a very low price(15.99) this yoyo is phenomonal. Because of its durability and high performance this is the yoyo I take with me outside the house.

Well,thats my review, if you have any questions, leave a comment.

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