Adegle PSG review

Hey, everybody. this is not only my first review but also my first post here, so go a little easy? this is a review of the adegle PSG, or plastic sand glass. Enjoy!
basic specs: C size bearing,
19mm response pads, silicone,
weight:64.3 grams
Diameter: 55.0 mm / 2.16 inches
Width: 46.0 mm / 1.81 inches
Gap Width: 4.20 mm / .17 inches
(taken from
First impressions- When i opened the box, i was very slightly blown away. The case really surprised me. i think it is just cool. i mean, i would be less surprised if it was for an expensive yoyo, but seriously, cool. Looks a little like something that you would get out of a machine for a quarter.
Looks- Okay, i am color blind, and the only ones in stock were pink (a color that usually comes out as grey for me). so i will just say that it looks cool in the photos in blue, and the shape is just amazing looking. i must say though, it looks like something you’d get out of those coin machines for a quarter…
Throwing it- well, i must say, i am very impressed. the “toy” is actually amazing, with great spin, and decent mobility and stability. though i am no magic man with a yoyo, i did put it through some serious paces, and i must say, i can’t find to many flaws. sure, there is a little vibe, but FIFTEEN DOLLARS!!! come on, people, this thing feels like a protostar (sort of) and is half the price. hops were a breeze, whips also. grinds were not great, but better than some plastic yoyos that i have tried.
Final thoughts- well, i feel that there is absolutely nothing better in the 10-20 dollars range. i have used fhzs, ones, whips, Die nasties (one of my other favorite plastics) and all i can say is that this is a slight step up from all of them. a final note, it comes with two kitty strings, which upon trying (i usually just use yye polyester) i am rather impressed with, though i find that polyester is polyester, it may make a difference to some. BUY IT!!!
available for 15-20 dollars at yye!
written by phil the lizard
acknowledgements: thanks to for basically setting the format for my review (:
If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or PM me!
UPDATE:I got another in blue, and it is brilliantly colorful!
UPDATE: If you find the binds slippy, swap out 1 response pad for a k-pad
UPDATE (based in feedback): the shape gives the yoyo a decently speedy yet solid feel. It is average in the hand in my opinion.

Mine I thought didnt perform to all it was hyped up to be. Needs better response, and has a relatively low spin time WITH A CENTER-TRAC!!!

Hm… that was not the case with me. i know it does not spin as long as a high end metal (or any metal at all) but i personally feel that for the price, it is unbeatable. i guess if you want another cheap plastic you could try a stackless pgm, which i think might be a little more stable. center tracs actually make the yoyo less awesome in my opinion. they are noisy, create vibe, and often catch. the only time i would recomend one would be if the yoyo would have response problems otherwise. this is what they were made for with difeyo konkave bearings.

Great review I am definitly going to by one now ;D

Nice review, but I think you might want to elaborate more on how the shape and weight distribution affects play. (Is it floaty or solid? How does the shape feel in the hand?)