Adegle PSG Review

Hey guys this is my first review and I want to say that I love the PSG. I think it handles great and has a nice breakaway for me. Also I wanted to ask if any of you have gotten the Asteroid yet and what you think of it.

I have the asteroid and love it. For its’ price, it can’t be beat. The shape is a bit odd, but is great one you get used to it. For future reference, you may want to go more in depth on the review. Talk about how the yoyo played, the box it comes in, first impressions, and all that stuff. :slight_smile:

The shape puts weight away from the center. That is a good thing.
But the shape makes the pocket of skinny pants uncomfortable. Bad thing.
The bearing is fine. Good thing, I guess.
The white blank caps make it look great. Good thing.
But the response grooves are too deep, and it does not grip the string as well as it should. Bad thing.
The too-deep grooves cannot be fixed by replacing the pads with stickier ones. You can silicone it, but that is a pain.

sili-ing a pain? Call me crazy but I like siliconing yoyos