PSG Quick First Impression

I know there are a few of these already but seeing as this is my first rather different yoyo (compared to what I have: Punchline, T6, ONE) I wanted to share my experience.
I’ve been wanting a PSG pretty bad lately and was considering it as starter for 5A. So I finally ordered it on friday and got it today in the mail. I’m really loving it and I’m not sure I want to put a counter weight on it now :stuck_out_tongue:

Any who, to start I have to say I just love the shape of this thing. Its the main reason I’ve wanted one so badly, as well as the colors. It took some getting used to throwing though. I was getting serious wobble most of the time for quite a while, but now after a little concentration most of the throws are wobble free. There is still some vibe but I’m not sure yet if its still my throw or the yoyo. I’ve heard from other people that theirs have a bit of vibe so time will tell as I get more comfortable with it.

Right out of the box the yoyo was unresponsive, as expected, but its actually a little too unresponsive for my taste. I have to really work the string to get a bind to catch consistently, and laceration binds almost never happen. (and I mean binding it without your non-throw hand hitting the slack, just whipping the string into the gap so the yoyo returns) We’ll see how it is after some silicone, I think it will be nice. I took the shields off the bearing and put a few drops of lube in, mostly to quiet it down. The bearing was actually a little rough but it still needs to be broken in.

The weight is kind of light for me but its not a huge issue. Light yoyos are kind of nice because I feel like I can really move them.

So thats about all for my first impression. I can definitely say that so far I would recommend it to anyone, especially at this price point. And it looks like the experience is only going to get better as I do a little adjusting and get used to the yoyo.

The bad binds are do to the stock pads. I took the stock ones out and put in some regular k-pads, and now my binds are great. Also, my bearing I got with it was perfect. For $16 you can’t go wrong with this yoyo.

I’ve never tried any pads except stock ones, but I did silicone it yesterday and it plays MUCH better.

And I agree, the bearing is quite nice. I put lube in it at first just to try and quiet it down but it really sucked after that. So I cleaned it and now its pins so much longer.