PSG stuff

So I got a purple gem edition PSG for christmas and I really liked it. After a few days though, I realized that it seemed to be dying very soon after I throw it, even on a hefty through. The binds were also a bit sluggish. I was wondering if any of you have had this problem and I just need to break the yoyo in, or if it is something else.

iirc, the stock response in the psg isn’t that great. I think I swapped mine out for some flowable silicone and it made it play much nicer. Just swap out the response with your favourite stuff and you should be good as gold. :slight_smile:

The bearing could use a replacement as well. The bearing in the PSG is not good.

The stock response is flowable

The stock response is kinda crappy… I cut down a cbc pad so it fit in and it works great now with one pad and one of the.stock response.

Yeah, the above poster is right, I recommend ir pads though

I’m waiting for a Solid Purple one which may come today. I use flowable silicone or pretty much the grippiest pads I can get my hands on. I think the one I tried had OneDrop flow grooves in it.

So what I am gathering is that I should replace the response and maybe get a new bearing. That being said, what kind of response? I really know nothing about that stuff.

Any thing that fits yoyofactory yoyos should work if you want pads.

go to your local dollar store and pick up a thing of rtv silicone
it’ll look something like this
they’ll probably have blue, black, red, clear, maybe grey. there’s not going to be any difference in them for what you’re using it for. I always get red because it reminds me of ilyy’s red hot silli-cone, and it’s easy to see so make sure I get rid of all the excess. plus it’s technically high temp, so it can withstand slightly higher temperatures. y’know, just in case your yoyo heats up to 500+ degrees. :stuck_out_tongue:

if you need a video on how to apply it:!

The psg bearings are a bit… meh.
Try some new bearings. And some flowable silicone.

With psgs you basically pay for the incredible yoyo, then pretty much whatever they can find cheqp to throw in there.

Does the stock bearing of the PSG really that bad?

Useable, but gritty when cleaned and not super long spinning.

I have found that YYF pads don’t fit. Am i the only one?

Dang people don’t like them? I like 'em better then SPECs.

I should have clarified, I had to cut down the yoyofactory pad, I snipped off about a 3mm off.