I’m not sure when this happened, but I was looking at the new releases on the store and saw that the transparent PSG is here!!! It looks so awesome. If this is old news let me know, but I think its pretty epic.


I had no idea! I might get one sometime soon!


Yeah, there was one in a video a couple months back. I was wondering when they’d hit YYE!


I really wanna get one. They look SOOOOooo nice. I have also always (ever since I saw them) wanted a PSG.



I had one sent to me. I’m liking it better than the regular PSG. Heavier! My style!


What color is it?



Not digging the bearing that much. I’m cleaning bearings anyways, so I’m sure after I clean it and Dry Play treat it, it will be much better. I’m cleaning a bunch of King Yo Star bearings right now. All greased up! Ditto for them: they are soaking in mineral spirits right now, then will go to acetone, then repeat, then be Dry Play treated.

I just got in a V, Aero-Yo CO2 and Delta, God Tricks Bounty Hunter and Cyclone, Eternal Throw Victory, a second Trigger(blue) and a King Yo Star Boss Man and Hop King. Gonna be busy the next few days!


What was wrong with the bearing? And where can I get some stinking dry play?

(M.DeV1) #10



The bearing isn’t all that great as is. I won’t know more until I yank it, de-shield it and see where I’m at. I find with many new yoyos, a lot can do a lot better with just a simple bearing cleaning.

I’ll know more in a couple of hours. I’m working on those lubed up King Yo Star bearings right now. Once that trio is done, I’ll get to the PSG’s bearing.


Update on PSG Gem Bearing:

Yeah, not good. 5-6 seconds of spin on a flick. Cleaned it to death, it’s an 8-ball bearing with the more open cage design. After a cleaning, 20 seconds of spin. Dry Play treating? 24 seconds.

Now, the only thing I can blame is me, and let’s face it, that’s where the problem is!

Yeah, really liking this. That little extra weight gives it an advantage over the original PSG, plus the looks really good!


Great! Now just to hold out for some Gem Asteroids and I’ll just have to buy them both. :wink:

I’ll probably cave by Christmas though. Gotta get myself something, right? :stuck_out_tongue: I’d like a plastic throw that actually feels like a throw.