PSG question...HELP!!

So I gave my son his PSG he used it for a few days and was enjoying working on learning to bind…then today all of a sudden it started making a loud noise and he said it was not working right…
I was trying to ask him what it was doing and he could not really explain it …then a little while later he showed me that it was being really responsive…
can anyone tell me why it would be suddenly responsive and what we can do about it…oh and what the noise may be??? thanks!

You need to clean the bearing in some mineral spirits.

As for the sound, bearings that are new sometimes have a break in period which may be accompanied by becoming louder or quieter. Some bearings will continue to change sound level forever. That alone doesn’t indicate any kind of issue, just for future reference, but you can always fix it with some thin lube if you want.

But becoming responsive is an issue since it usually means the bearing is not spinning smoothly. As above, cleaning is a good first step. It is sort of odd though (imo) that a bearing would just all of a sudden become responsive if not for damage. Dirt buildup would usually take some period of time especially since that yoyo is brand new.

yes, look up “how to clean yoyo bearing” on youtube. It will most likely list removing the bearing shields but IMO you can still clean it enough without doing this step. And definitely invest in some thin lube for him. Any brand will work but the Yoyofactory thin/long spinning lube works great and is cheap at 5 bucks.-- --Good luck!

ya i thought it was wierd for this to happen since it is a brand new yoyo too. hmm

I would just try cleaning the bearing and see if that helps. Also if the bearing is stock I would remove the shields, just because it will allow it to spin longer