yoyo went responsive

i didnt put lube in it, and the string is fine

The pads may have slipped a little, I’d open it up and make sure the pads are properly in place. It’s either response related or bearing related.

Clean it.

Clein Yo Biering

Actually. I haven’t cleaned a bearing in eons.

Just keep playing and it will go back to normal.

  • New yoyos ship (usually) with dry bearings. So after some play, they get loud and responsive, and later go back to normal.

I got my new rally today, it went loud and responsive twice. I did lube it, and it still was pretty dry.

But you need to answer these questions-

Is it loud and scratchy?

Or is it quiet?

Is it spinning normal lengths, or -10 seconds or so?

Yeah. Push the pads in and check the bearing. If the bearing isn’t spinning properly then a quick trip to Walmart may be necessary for a bearing cleaning.